Fujitsu and NetApp Take Their Partnership to a Whole New Level

By Hendrik Leitner, Director Fujitsu Global Alliance at NetApp

Fujitsu has been one of our most important partners for a good 15 years now. What began initially as a sales partnership has since burgeoned into an exceptional collaborative relationship. As a systems integrator, Fujitsu helps our customers to implement NetApp technology efficiently; as our Preferred Maintenance Partner in EMEA, the company provides a wide range of services and support. At the same time, we rely on Fujitsu as a strategic supplier, and we share a close technology partnership in which our core competencies complement one another’s perfectly. This strong relationship has enabled us to work together to develop the most innovative solutions. But now it’s time to take things to the next level: We’re expanding our partnership to globalize our joint business activities.

To date, our partnership has centered on specific regions and has traditionally been strong in EMEA and in APAC (especially in Japan). Now, though, we’ve formed worldwide teams in both organizations who are coordinating our collaboration at the global, regional, national and operational levels. Together, we’ve created a framework based on unified standards to conquer new high-growth regions. The teams will advance our partnership in Distribution and Reselling, Service Integration, Service Provisioning, Maintenance, and Solution Development. In addition, we’re looking for ways to involve Fujitsu IT consultants in our joint business activities.

One area in which we’ll now be collaborating worldwide is cloud services. Fujitsu is ideally set up to serve as a consultant, technology supplier and systems integrator for private clouds. The company won’t just be helping service providers to deliver cloud services, it will also be operating as a public cloud provider in its own right. As we widen our partnership, cloud business in its various forms will create major business opportunities for us.

We’re also targeting SAP infrastructure at the global level, and our broader collaboration with Fujitsu is already bearing its first fruit: We’ve closed deals to jointly supply SAP infrastructure solutions in North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific – all "new" regions. There are several heavyweights among our new FlexFrame and HANA customers, including American manufacturers, an American service provider and outsourcer, and an international automotive supplier.


Our joint SAP infrastructure solutions – like SAP’s HANA in-memory appliance technology – give us a technological lead. We’ve something completely new to offer as well: Recently, Fujitsu announced the general availability of Fujitsu FlexFrame Orchestrator, a solution that creates a fully-virtualized environment for the SAP ERP application on SAP HANA.

Another innovation in our joint solutions portfolio is a new variant of the vShape reference architecture for data centers. It is the first converged infrastructure to be based on clustered ONTAP and extends our potential customer base to include the really big fish. Major corporations can now benefit from the best data management that the market currently has to offer.The new era in our partnership has already dawned, and we’ll continue to expand the footprint of our international business. Never before was our technology collaboration as intensive or as profitable as it is today. I’m convinced that the new global teams at Fujitsu and NetApp will bond quickly to form the same close-knit, trusting ties as we’ve already seen in the EMEA region, and, in my view, we couldn’t wish for a better foundation for the success of our global partnership.