Gen 6 FC - enables SANs up to 128GFC

The Fibre Channel Industry Association recently announced development Gen 6 Fibre Channel, representing the industry’s fastest networking protocol that enables SANs up to 128GFC.



Gen 6 doubles the 16GFC data throughput of 3,200 megabytes-per-second (MBps) to 32GFC, which enables 6,400 MBps full-duplex speeds. Gen 6 also provides an option to quadruple 32 GFC to 128GFC throughput, achieving full-duplex speeds of 25,600 MBps.


At 32GFC, Gen 6 Fibre Channel doubles the data throughput of the current 16GFC Fibre Channel standard. In addition to faster speeds, key features of Gen 6 Fibre Channel include:

  • Forward Error Correction (FEC): Improves the reliability of links through the automatic detection and recovery from bit errors that occur in high speed networks.
  • Energy Efficiency: Lower energy consumption is achieved by allowing the Fibre Channel optical connectors to operate in a stand-by mode (or “nap”) multiple times each second.
  • Backward Compatibility: 128GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel supports complete and total backward compatibility to 16GFC, 8GFC, and 4GFC networks.


Solutions are expected to be available in 2016.   Do you think we will see 128GFC become a reality in the future?   Will it be needed?


Mike McNamara