Get Control, Breakthrough, Gain Insight with NetApp at Strata 2013

Real world use cases from our customers; that’s our focus for NetApp at Strata 2013. We’ve been doing this Big Data thing for a long time and we have learned quite a bit. Come visit us at Strata 2013 booth #216 and we can discuss:


  • The 16 customers in our 50+ Petabyte club
  • Our latest Hadoop solutions
  • Our Analytic Ecosystem approach and all of our cool partners
  • Clustered ONTAP’s feature set for Big Data
  • Our ranking as the #1 Storage Operating System
  • How NetApp can help you Get Control, Breakthrough, and Gain Insight of your data at scale


Also, on Thursday February 28th at 2:20pm we’ll be co-presenting with one of those cool partners, Pentaho, on NetApp’s internal use of Hadoop and other Big Data technologies. Presentation details:


“Dotting the I’s with Hadoop on E-Series”


David Henry (Pentaho), Benjamin Lloyd (NetApp)

2:20pm Thursday, 02/28/2013

Sponsored Sessions
Location: Ballroom G


To address SLA and capacity limitations in NetApp’s phone-home processing, NetApp kicked off a program to implement a Hadoop-based solution on NetApp’s E-Series storage. The solution is built to handle 2-5 TB/week of incoming data, and address multiple use cases – real-time data access, aggressive processing SLAs for transactions, standard reporting, data mining, data augmentation and distribution. This session will discuss the history of the problem, the technical architecture of the solution, and how Pentaho is used to address the challenges these disparate use cases pose for Hadoop alone. Takeaways will include recommendations for success with Pentaho in a Hadoop-based big data solution.