Get Ready… Here Comes E-Series

By Mike Phelan, Sr. Marketing Technical Engineer at NetApp


A couple of weeks ago I was at Insight in Las Vegas and getting ready to head to Insight Dublin. For those who may not know, Insight is NetApp’s sales/partner event where the technical experts provide several hours of hands-on training, instructional classes and show off products. What an awesome event!  


I know we’ve been a FAS-oriented company but now comes the realization that we have multiple operating systems and our product positioning of E-Series and EF-Series All Flash Array in the overall NetApp portfolio gives us some amazing solutions to bring to the customer base.  I think the interest driven and highlighting all our portfolio offers will make a huge difference to the way we do business over the next year.


At one point I was talking with an SE from the US Public Sector in the Mid-West on the show floor. He was asking all kinds of great questions on how the E-Series worked, where it was positioned and what makes it unique and different from the FAS.  After several minutes I finally was able to ask him a question and asked why he was so interested.  He smiled and said, “I’m excited to have another offer that lets me more easily beat the competition” and that he had counterparts in the South – I think he mentioned Texas – that were “winning deals with the E-Series” and he wanted to learn all he could so he could get in on that action.


Another common question/conversation I had in my sessions was, “Where’s the rest of it?”  This was referring to the compact design of the E-Series platform – typically from traditional FAS resellers who were just getting introduced to E-Series.  We’d turn the 2U box around and show the system, the controllers, power and host interface connects all right there, built into an extremely compact solution.


The most common reaction I got was “WOW, that’s awesome.”  From there we’d talk about all the value and features built into the platform like High Availability, replication, snapshots.  They were great conversations.


We heard several stories like that at Insight.  People were looking for information because they are seeing their counterparts win and they are “tired of losing”.  Several asked why it’s taken us so long to take the gloves off, and though I didn’t have a great answer for that I would say that it doesn’t matter, they are off now, let’s go.


We had some great classes ranging from general overview, comparing E-Series to FAS, Features on E-Series, and a fan favorite on E-Series Performance Tuning.  If you were not able to attend Insight… don’t worry, many of the presentations were recorded and those that were not the training is available on NetApp University.  If you don’t have access to NetApp University… we need to get you hooked in… tons of great material out there.


I’d encourage everyone to see what the buzz is all about; this is a difference maker and gives you an additional tool to win more deals.  Once you get your first taste you’ll see how easy it is to configure and sell these systems.  If you have questions - let us know (  The entire team is ready. Bring it on!


Thanks for sharing, Mike.  It's great to hear that there were so many great conversations with our sales team members and partners around E-Series and EF-Series!  I'm curious - how much did you get asked about EF-Series compared to E-Series?  What are some of the questions you heard specific to the All-Flash Array?