Getting A New FAS2200? Don’t Worry, Storage System Setup is Easy and Fast.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing

If you’re getting a new NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240, your storage system setup couldn’t be easier. Just use the System Setup utility tool, which is available as a download on the NetApp Support site.


You don’t need to be a storage expert to set up your new FAS2200 system. The System Setup tool walks you through it in just a few screens. First it does a discovery of your storage systems and IP addresses. Then, you set up your networking information such as storage system names, passwords, data addresses and domain name server. After that, you can either let System Setup automatically arrange disks into the largest possible recommended configuration or you can choose to configure manually.  You then setup your protocols (NFS, CIFS, NFS and iSCSI) and presto – you are done.


System Setup also takes any guesswork out of the setup process, and you can rest easy knowing that default settings means IT storage optimization, for the best utilization and performance.  It supports Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows XP (see the NetApp Support site for full details).


We actually did a before and after test and saw amazing results. We asked storage experts manually setup and configured the FAS2200 without System Setup, and then asked IT generalists to configure the FAS2200 with System Setup and the IT generalists were able to complete their storage system setup three times faster than the specialists who weren’t using System Setup. Talk about a time saver!


If you want to learn more about System Setup, go to the NetApp Support site (you will need your NetApp credentials). And if you’re ready to setup your new FAS2200, download System Setup today.


It definitely was faster than I can setup the 2 console cables and run the setup manually.  A really nice time saver and the documentation on cabling (MPHA for a system with or without add-on shelves) is clear and easy to follow.  It makes it easy for a customer to install a small system themselves or a quick webex with this installed also will work well.


Awesome, so glad to hear about your positive experience Scott.

Just hearing about this for the first time after Richard Corey's video. Good to know but can't this be used to setup other FAS series?


Hi "maliu" --

Thank you for your comment. System Setup can only be used for FAS 220/2240 installation at this time. We have had a couple of comments about having it for other FAS systems, and we have passed this feedback along to the product team for future consideration.



There seems to be a giant gap or cliff if you will in that setup when it comes to bringing online the 2nd controller and configuring controller failover.  At least for me it is.  I received the giant sesame street version of the setup manual and I was able to get the one controller online in simple fashion.  I then spent a while scouring the netapp website, google, youtube and everywhere else to find the documentation.  Nothing about configuring ethernet redundancy or controller failover.  Tons of disk and disk shelves and HA pairs, which is more advanced than what I need.  I have a single device FAS2220 with 2 controllers.  Spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Netapp support and he could not provide me any further documentation.  His final answer was just plug the 2nd controller in the same way you did the 1st and it automatically works.  Feeling about %90 confident this was not correct, I ended the call and tried it.  Not true.


Hi Chris, 

Thank you for contacting me directly about your situation, and providing details. I am contacting a subject matter expert to get in touch with you directly and as soon as possible.



Thank you, but I have already contacted my reseller to get in touch with Netapp and remedy the situation.  Still waiting, but I was told I would be contacted today.


OK, I will inform the product team.

Ok, I changed my mind, please continue to provide any support you can. I was sent this same colorful document again, and another document about connecting shelves which I do not have.  Send me something that references the other 7 Ethernet ports on this FAS 2220 please.  Please do not send me a link to this same document on this page, I have the full 3'x4' color print out in front of me.  I have it cabled as referenced in section 3A and 4-2. 

timothyn Netapp Alumni

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry you've had a frustrating experience.  Can you give us a support case #?  If you don't have a case #, please send me a direct message with your contact information.



For a general answer though...

Under normal circumstances System Setup should configure both controllers in an HA pair as a single unit (at the same time).  If you've somehow configured them individually your systems should be working correctly as individual controllers, but you still need to enable cluster failover and reboot.

For further configuration of ethernet ports you'll want to look into the NetApp management tools such as OnCommand System Manager and Unified Manager.  There are too many networking options for a one-size fits all approach but there is a lot of thorough ONTAP documentation here:

In particular reference the Network Management Guide.

case: 2003874767

Thank you for this link.  The network management guide appears to be more of a dictionary for terms.
You mention enabling failover cluster?  I would think that is a document in itself.

I can see a section of the net mgmt guide that shows how to configure a partner interface, this may be what I am looking for, but it has taken 2 days, multiple people and there are still a lot of questions that aren't answered. 
It is frustrating, and I completely understand there isn't an 1 size fits all answer with this, but giving praise to this oversized basic document seems to go a bit far.  To top it off, I am not able to get some fairly basic answers up front with tech support.  I would guess that 2 of the 2.5 hours was on hold or silence.

Initial setup went fine. Setup a CIFS partition and added data; again works fine. When I try to download any software from the site (and yes, I am registered).. tells me that I am not authorized to download. When I try to register my new NAS2240-2 as soon as I put in the serial number and hit next, I get a quick flash on the screen showing the model number and then another "you are not authorized to view this page"?? Is this a registration problem or a technical problem with the site? the account was setup by my sales rep to allow me access to training. I need to get this online today.. and I also have an orange ! on the front of the unit.. wish I could download software to see what the error is!


Hello Rich,

In order to complete setup and determine if there are any hardware faults, please open a support case either at  or via 888.4.NETAPP Opt 1.

Support can also connect you to a Customer Service Representative to resolve your entitlement issue.




You are right the A2 poster was a good starting block by really when you deep dive into the setup of things like the storage controller interfaces and the switch configuration, much reading is required in order to get it all working in a resilient redundant manner.  I have spent the past 4 days setting up an FAS2240-2 with DS4243 shelf.  I hope Netapp Tech support gave you the following link as it explains exactly how to setup the HA pair for failover:

Assuming you are running the latest Data ONTAP version 8.1.2

Hope this helps with your HA configuration.



There is a System Setup community for discussions regarding the tool.