Good News on the object storage ecosystem front

The question that inevitably gets asked when discussing object storage for big content (i.e. our Distributed Content Repository solution based on StorageGRID and E-Series) is "So what about ISVs?".

The ISV ecosystem around object storage - and more specifically, cloud-friendly storage solutions - is going to grow substantially as the adoption of the CDMI standard grows. Let's take a quick look at what's happening in this space right now:


Partner offering for data movement and mobile data access – NTP Software

Long-standing NetApp ISV partner NTP Software yesterday announced support for our Distributed Content Repository solution through integration with the StorageGRID HTTP API. This integration enables customers to easily move data into NetApp's Distributed Content Repository (for example coming from another NetApp system, a competitor's system or a generic NFS/CIFS share). Once data has been moved it can also be shared through the web or mobile devices, providing a key functionality for customers looking for a "Dropbox-like" solution.

NTP Software will be demonstrating their offering at NetApp's Insight event in Las Vegas this week.


Hosted offering for information governance in the cloud – Viewpointe OnPointe platform

Well-known among financial customers in the US, Viewpointe has extensive experience with storing financial data and records for many large and small financial institutions. Viewpointe and NetApp at the IBM IOD event two weeks ago showcased Viewpointe's offering for information governance in the cloud, which is a hosted solution that runs on top of NetApp's Distributed Content Repository solution. This is a great proof point (I know, I know, it's a Viewpointe OnPointe Proof Pointe…) for information governance and compliance.


First multi-vendor CDMI integration with Mezeo

Many of you know about CDMI – the Cloud Data Management Interface standard defined by SNIA. CDMI is now an ISO/IEC standard and NetApp announced support for CDMI in August with StorageGRID 9.0. NetApp and Mezeo have demonstrated compatibility by using CDMI to connect Mezeo's offering with StorageGRID, thus enabling a File Sync and Share offering from Mezeo using NetApp's Distributed Content Repository solution as the storage infrastructure.

Why is this exciting? This proves that an open standard can help tie best-of-breed solutions together to create an offering that solves customer issues, without using proprietary or inferior interfaces.


Log file analysis with Splunk

This is for you Big Analytics folks out there... Have you ever tried to analyze a 1TB audit log from your storage system? No? Well, please don't try this without using a good tool. Splunk has great tools that make this task easy (or certainly easier). We have tested and demonstrated using Splunk to analyze the very detailed audit log provided by our Distributed Content Repository solution, enabling customers to very quickly find the data that they are looking for, whether they need this for compliance, SLA reviews or to get alerted if specific conditions are met. The Splunk folks are at NetApp's Insight event this week as well, so if you are here in Las Vegas you might want to stop by for a chat.


Ok, that is it for now. If you are at Insight in Las Vegas this week (or in Dublin next week - or in Macau in December) - please stop by and join one of my sessions.


As a special bonus for those of you that actually read all the way to this point - check out the attached ESG Lab Report Summary on the Distributed Content Repository solution. The full report will be available on our website shortly. If you can't see the attachment, click on the title of this post to see the full view, then scroll down to the bottom of the post.