Got the Latest? Remaining Current with Validated Designs

By Mike Dilio, FlexPod Marketing Manager, NetApp

This post explains the differences between CVD and NVA, why these two acronyms mean even more protection for partners and provides the most important URL partners need to bookmark to always have the latest information at their fingertips.

The world is evolving at a fast pace and technology is a big reason why. For customers managing data centers, change is constant. New versions of software with more features, hardware upgrades, patch releases – staying current and on-top of what is available for customers to use to ensure a highly efficient, robust and agile environment is a full-time job. The good news is that FlexPod and our validated design program will ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. Here’s why and how.

Validated Designs – A Framework for Guidance, a Recipe for Success

When Cisco and NetApp decided to get together to develop FlexPod, investing in a validated design program was one of the critical success factors. For our partner channel, validated designs mean “we’ve got your back”. Validated designs provide a trusted source for partners to access the most current reference architectures when addressing customer concerns. Because they incorporate a wide range of technologies, features and applications across multiple vendors, and have been tested comprehensively by Cisco, NetApp and other leading vendor engineers such as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and others, they enable partners to make the right recommendations, deploy more quickly, and rapidly gain the knowledge they need to deliver subject matter expertise.

Stay current with validated designs. Check out the latest FlexPod Validated Designs here.

Like following a great recipe, our validated designs combine all the best ingredients from a vast array of technical experts and experience to let you deliver a complete meal that includes:

  • speed to solution,
  • reduced risk, and
  • the confidence that you are delivering the best for your client. 

CVD or NVA? We’ve Got You Covered

Most partners are familiar with the acronym CVD – Cisco Validated Design. This acronym really refers to the teams of Cisco engineers who are working continuously to test the latest technologies against a common set of use cases or engineering priorities. Did you know that there is also NVA (NetApp Validated Architecture)? In addition and often in cooperation with Cisco and others, NetApp engineers are equally engaged in testing, validating and stamping a seal of approval on a variety of technologies, best practice use cases and application configurations that have been proven out under the most stringent circumstances. These guides are published under the “NVA” hallmark and are also available for download as part of our FlexPod validated design program.

Check out our TRs – They Round Out the Offering

We’ve also been investing in TR’s or Technical Reports. These reports are similar to White Papers and provide even more guidance for partners to tap into to ensure deep understanding across a broad range of FlexPod scenarios.

Got ideas for a TR? If you come across a FlexPod scenario that stumps you, let us know. We are constantly revising our editorial calendar to ensure we are documenting the latest for the most challenging scenarios.

Bookmark this URL

Both NetApp and Cisco are adding to our library of FlexPod validated designs every month. This URL is probably one of the most important hyperlinks you can bookmark. On this page, you can get access to every FlexPod CVD and NVA with a simple mouse-click. Organized by vendor and/or application and clearly showing release dates, this resource will keep you current and informed and ready to help your customers get the most out of their decision to go with FlexPod and you. Bookmark your FlexPod Validated Design resource page today.


Speaking of 'Got the latest', when can we expect to see a CVD or NVA for vSphere 5.5? The 'latest' available is still 5.1.

With vSphere 6 not far off I wonder how many months\years we will have to wait for a CVD\NVA for that?

Customers typically want the latest versions installed, these guides need to update on a more regular basis or they quickly lose value.