Great Stories about Snap Creator... From the Community!

Hello Friends of SC,


Everyday I am exposed to innovative end-users of the Snap Creator product, namely NetApp 7m and cDOT customers using its flexibilities in new and exciting ways. So, why not share the concepts and approaches THEY have taken … and spark some ideas with my blog readers?  Here is one such great story, which I hope you find interesting.


Some time ago, there were 1-2 storage administrators assigned to manage 4PB, yes "PB", of NetApp 7m and cDOT storage solutions.  They needed to find an efficient way to backup mainstream as well as uniquely home grown databases and datasets. The product that was flexible enough in the NetApp arsenal was Snap Creator. Starting with version 3.4 and today using 4.0, they were able to provide their customers backup solutions for a wide range of data types.


Imagine 90-100 jobs, 30 agents, various operating systems … all deployed to protect disparate databases, home grown data sets, virtual machines, unique applications and files.


Their customers know Snap Creator by name; now writing their own homegrown quiesce scripts to be run PRE and POST. This confidence in the product has spawned increased demand for the environment!


Oh, btw, the same 1-2 storage administrators are managing these many PBs and confidently adopting cDOT more each day. Why not? Snap Creator is there to lend a hand. Hats off to these 2 Senior Storage Engineers.


(Stay tuned … I will be adding more great stories in the future and let us know your thoughts … and tell us about your stories.)