Here’s To A Successful NetApp Insight in Dublin. Sláinte!

By Kristina Brand, Jim Bahn, Zev Rubenstein, Neil Shah


I was happy to see the enthusiasm and energy from the NetApp Insight delegates hailing from all over Europe, Africa, Asia and from further abroad. Not everyone was fortunate to attend so I want to give you a feel for what you missed.


Growing Interest in Workflow Automation

I had a number of people stop by and ask about automation, with specific questions on how they can integrate with their existing tools and extend automation down the stack. In addition, my colleague Vishwas Venkatesh, Technical Marketing Engineer, held a session on orchestration and automation of clustered Data ONTAP infrastructure with OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) to show what is possible today—demonstrating that Software Defined Storage is a reality with WFA. It was great to see lots of people discussing and planning their next steps to introduce or expand automation in their environments. Whether they are aiming for efficiency improvements, self-service capabilities or a cloud deployment.


Managing Clustered Data ONTAP

As people continue to move to clustered Data ONTAP, I had a lot of delegates stopped by to ask me about what’s new in management software, and they were happy to hear what’s in the pipeline. For those of you who missed the event, you’ll have to wait for the announcements – sorry. What I can tell you is that the suite of OnCommand products continues to keep pace and support the latest releases of clustered Data ONTAP, and a lot of people are excited about the next releases of System Manager, Unified Manager, and Workflow Automation.


No Need To Be Flying Blind

NetApp Insight delegates were also excited to learn about a free multi-vendor Infrastructure Assessment powered by OnCommand Insight software. When NetApp customers are trying to better understand where they can gain storage efficiencies and save costs, they can ask for a FREE assessment, and in about two weeks they get a comprehensive understanding of the performance, configuration, and capacity of their multi-vendor storage infrastructure so that they can architect the optimal infrastructure to meet their needs.


Backup news around SnapProtect

TME Neil Shah delivered two SnapProtect sessions, which were very well attended with about 150 delegates in total. SnapProtect sessions were primarily focused on clustered Data ONTAP, SnapProtect features, and SnapProtect for Open Systems (SPOS ) and how you can manage 7-Mode, cDOT and SPOS all through a single Console Management. “SnapProtect for Open System” lets you back up non-NetApp storage. It enables NetApp shops with perhaps a few servers or DAS devices that they need to back up, the ability to use one solution.  It’s now a standard feature of SnapProtect v10 SP4. In addition, the Hands-On Lab for NetApp SnapProtect V10 on clustered Data ONTAP (NAS and VMware) was also a success.


Integrated Data Protection: MetroCluster

The long-awaited Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for FlexPod with NetApp MetroCluster Software was officially published on the first day of Insight. With the increase in virtualization, it’s the infrastructure that’s mission critical for many customers, and the new FlexPod adds MetroCluster software to complement any FlexPod being deployed by providing zero data loss and zero downtime. Cisco Nexus 7000 with Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) makes both sites appear to be a single data center, and manages the failover process seamlessly. It turns out we have over 100 FlexPod implementations with MetroCluster in the field – this CVD just makes it official, and shows how to set it up with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).


Don’t Forget To Have Fun

If you’re familiar with NetApp and our company culture, you also know it’s all about enjoying who you’re with and what you do. So to top off the awards celebrations, we all went to the Guinness Storehouse to enjoy traditional drummers and Irish music, U2 tribute band Rattle and Hum, and good company.


Sláinte and hope to see you next year.


If you weren’t able to stop by and see us in Dublin, feel free to contact us directly with you questions or leave a comment.