How One Company Beat The IT Fire Drill Pattern With Workflow Automation.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


Imagine you started an online business service and you’ve been so successful, that you’re now global and business is booming. Not too shabby when we’re all faced with a tough global economy. But what happens when your IT department has not really grown, and you’re looking at 65% year-on-year growth for your IT storage. And guess what? You’re budget has remained relatively flat too. Sound all too familiar? Yeah, I thought so.


So what options are out there to solve this type of problem? This company turned to NetApp to figure out how to solve this, and they got the answer they needed—OnCommand Workflow Automation. In the past, the storage team could take about 24 hours to perform even the simplest tasks because they were too busy fighting fire drills. The storage team often found themselves taking the blame for things because they didn’t have the time to pinpoint the real cause and show people that it was not down to their actions. And when it came to scripting new services, it seemed to take forever. As you can imagine, their internal customers were not too happy with the time it took to receive new services.


The storage team was absolutely thrilled to learn that Workflow Automation would allow them to offload a lot of their mundane tasks, such as scripting, and free up enough time so that they can start being proactive. The time savings also meant that they could address other tasks sooner, and offer new services much more quickly. Introducing storage workflow automation also allowed them to put controls in place so that they would not be caught out, and they could easily demonstrate that an issue was not the storage team’s fault.  The best part of all, Workflow Automation works extremely well in their Microsoft environment, so they don’t have to adapt or introduce anything new in order to use Workflow Automation. It integrates with their existing systems and infrastructure.


How else can users benefit from OnCommand Workflow Automation? Workflow Automation lets you standardize processes so that you are able to deliver services consistently and reliably. It acts as a point of integration for orchestration and enables automation for NetApp cloud environments, such as creating secure, multi-tenant cloud environments in minutes.


Want to find out more about how OnCommand Workflow Automation works and get ideas on how you can use it? Go to the NetApp OnCommand community to learn more about Workflow Automation. Be sure to check out the videos, newbie guides, and workflow examples and templates.