How to Integrate Data Storage Management and Business Applications.

By Mike Harding, OnCommand Product Marketing


NetApp has been investing heavily over the years to deliver storage that integrates optimally with leading system platforms and business applications.  The ability to make transparent the connection from many different applications to a single shared storage infrastructure speaks to what NetApp means by Agile Data Infrastructure.  This agility is in part delivered by the Intelligence of the OnCommand storage management products, including a line of products responsible for these integrations.


The OnCommand Integrate products

The OnCommand family of data management software products includes a line of flexible “Integrate” products that work to connect NetApp storage with business applications, frameworks and services. The illustration shows how these Integrate products connect the NetApp FAS and V-Series storage systems into a broad variety of environments.

  • SnapManager and SnapDrive – These traditional NetApp products streamline data storage management and simplify configuration, backup, and restore operations for leading enterprise applications and operating environments.  Explore the full list of integrations on our Web site.
  • The next-generation approach to this idea of automating application-consistent data protection is being delivered by the Snap Creator Framework and Plug-ins.  This emerging offering is a single platform with lighter plug-ins that cover an even broader span of applications.
  • Management Connectors – NetApp co-develops connectors that work between leading management frameworks such as BMC, CA, IBM Tivoli and others, which simplify the integration of the NetApp management or analytics software with the IT console. This provides for easier Cloud and IT-as-a-Service solutions, as well as data collection between a Storage Resource Management system and a CMDB.
  • OnCommand API and SDK – Enterprises, Service Providers, Integrators and VARs are creating applications that work programmatically with the OnCommand platform via an open API.  A software developer toolkit as well as a global series of training conferences, a developers’ community site and technical documentation all support the development efforts of these customers and partners.


Award-winning Integration with Microsoft Business Apps

An excellent example of integration in action is the recent shared activity between NetApp and Microsoft. NetApp staffed a significant presence at Microsoft Tech Ed in Orlando, Florida, where over 10,000 customers and partners saw the power of NetApp’s leadership and tight integration with Microsoft technologies.  There will be a similar NetApp presence at Tech Ed Europe, in Amsterdam. 

The notable recent outcome of this alliance was the June 25th Microsoft announcement of NetApp as Microsoft’s Private Cloud Partner of the Year.    NetApp was selected from 3,000 entrants for demonstrating excellence in how our technology enables the delivery and management of IT services and applications within secure, on-demand Microsoft private cloud solutions.


OnCommand Storage Management – The Big Picture

NetApp fosters an ecosystem of partnerships to bring additional value, and to assure flexibility and choice for our customers. The result is a solution that better fits the unique needs of the end-customer environment.  The big picture of how the OnCommand portfolio enables Cloud and IT-as-a-Service deployments can be seen in this graphic.Companies providing IT Integration in this ecosystem represent well known names in the industry: virtualization management solutions from Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix, as well as enterprise management frameworks from BMC Software, CA, HP, IBM, and Fujitsu. These management, virtualization and orchestration systems are typically the primary panes of glass for managing modern Cloud services.

Key technologies that enable these integration points include the OnCommand open API, and well as platform-specific connectors co-developed with these leading IT management partners.

Application-level data protection is enabled by the SnapManager, SnapDrive and Snap Creator Framework products, which connect various Application teams transparently to the NetApp storage infrastructure.

Finally, we have a performance feedback loop enabled by the NetApp Analyze products, OnCommand Balance and Insight, which are enabling an autonomic capability for NetApp and 3rd storage to react to workload changes in real-time.

The end goal of our partnerships and integration with these management and orchestration vendors is to enable management of the entire IT infrastructure from end to end including applications, servers, networks and storage.


Integrating with an Agile Data Infrastructure

The OnCommand Integrate products are a lynchpin in making NetApp storage Intelligent, and, as explained in our Agile Data Infrastructure concept, enabling an IT environment that is intelligent, immortal, and infinite

For more info on the NetApp Agile Data Infrastructure, check-out the new Agile program webpage

To learn about additional NetApp-Microsoft integration proof points, read the NetApp for Microsoft Private Cloud Solution Brief or visit the NetApp Microsoft Solutions website.


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