How to avoid getting stuck in the snow banks of your IT infrastructure with Clustered Data ONTAP and Brocade VCS Fabric

Guest Post by Brian Schmidt, Sr. Product Manager, NetApp


The requirement for a dynamic infrastructure is being driven by our very fluid business environment.  These dynamic business environments are driving CIO’s to implement dynamic storage environments, led by clustered Data ONTAP.  And the smart CIO’s know that any change in one area of their datacenter often requires a change in other parts of their datacenter to really be effective. 


It’s like buying a new SUV to go skiing, and then putting old tires from your commute car on it.  You may have upgraded the vehicle, but if you haven’t fully enabled it with the right gear
you really aren’t going to get where you want to go, and may just get stuck in a snow bank.


The ability to easily scale the data infrastructure, both storage and networking, and to add the right amount of performance and capacity without disrupting application availability is vital to enabling a dynamic business infrastructure.  Scalability is also vital to enable a dynamic infrastructure which supports non-disruptive operations.


NetApp and Brocade’s combined solution of clustered Data ONTAP with Brocade’s VCS Ethernet fabric network simplifies deployment and management of the storage and networking environment with automated provisioning, with the ability to add and remove resources dynamically.  Brocade’s zero-touch virtualization support, in combination with NetApp FAS/V-Series systems, significantly reduces management complexity and resource requirements.  This allows IT admins to focus on creating more value, rather than reacting to issues.


Built on more than 20 years of innovation, clustered Data ONTAP combines the richest data management feature set with clustering for unlimited scale, operational efficiency, and non-disruptive operations. When combined with Brocade VCS Fabric technology, the joint solution reduces the management burden of scale-out NAS environments while providing the ability to grow as needed, seamlessly manage unpredictable data growth, and experience zero downtime while scaling.


Like that SUV needed for skiing, the right storage also needs the right network for you to quickly and safely get where you are going, while avoiding data snow bank.  Together, Brocade and NetApp deliver a data center storage infrastructure which offers the performance and predictability today’s dynamic data center environments demand.


Check out the paper on clustered Data ONTAP and Brocade Ethernet Fabric for more information, and find out how NetApp can help you get where you need to go without getting stuck in that snow bank of data.