Hybrid Cloud: Changing How We Deliver IT Services

Chad LewBy Chad Lew, Systems Architect, NetApp IT


The proliferation of readily available cloud services has changed the way NetApp IT delivers services to our business through our adoption of a hybrid cloud model. Within corporate IT, we are responsible for managing a variety of on-premises and off-premises IT solutions to support global business operations. 


We manage security and risk across our portfolio of services to ensure that all IT solutions adhere to strict data privacy, protection, and compliance. We also manage sourcing decisions throughout the service life-cycle and assist business teams in selecting the correct public or private cloud services based on their business requirements.


One of the critical success factors to operating a hybrid cloud model is to institute the proper governance for determining the correct location for each application. By leveraging a hybrid cloud model, we assign workloads to internal or external cloud solutions that best allow us to control our costs and right-size our investments based on the business requirement and the nature of the workload involved. To choose the correct service, we developed a cloud decision framework which guides our application teams through a series of questions and chooses the appropriate services for the business needs.


For mission critical business applications containing sensitive intellectual property or systems with complex integration, we automated the delivery of our on-premises solutions leveraging NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP. When it comes to enabling our hybrid cloud model, NetApp clustered Data ONTAP is the foundation for delivering our internal IT services because of its scale-out architecture and non-disruptive operations capabilities.  The modular design of clustered ONTAP allows us to build storage nodes each with different performance and capacity service levels and transparently move data anywhere within the cluster. Clustered Data ONTAP has dramatically reduced the amount of administration, planning, and coordination required for all operational tasks such as adding additional capacity, rebalancing workloads, patching systems, and even replacing end-of-life systems without any impact to our applications. We build all our standards, workflows, and automation on clustered Data ONTAP as the foundation for all our internal service delivery. By using a hybrid cloud model that incorporates external cloud services along with NetApp technologies such as clustered Data ONTAP, we are creating a transparent, agile IT environment capable of dynamically scaling to meet our current and future business needs.


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