I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed

“Supercharged” or “turbocharged” when describing a car’s engine, do you know what the difference is? Do you, like me, see those words and immediately think, “fast”?


“Real-time,” “low-latency,” “high-performance,” when describing a compute engine, do you know what the difference is? Do you, like me, see those words and immediately think, “I don’t believe it.”


The breathless marketers of the world (“We are the first, only, squarest, fastest widget! And we have no competition!”) have jaded us. Fret not; NetApp is about to bring some speed to your feed!


NetApp today announced our newest rocket filer, the E5500. This 7th generation version of our very popular E-series platform (ahem, over 500k E-series systems deployed) is purpose-built to accelerate performance for Big Data and High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.


Now if you are thinking, “Hey, wait a minute Bill. “Accelerate”, that could be one of those breathless marketing words.” Good for you! Performance claims without independent 3rd party validation are useless. Our E5500 platform delivers an audited, peer-reviewed SPC-2 result of more than 2.5x per spindle throughput over the nearest non-NetApp published result.1 2


From a Big Data perspective organizations desperately want to process and analyze the data available to them as fast as possible. A few top of mind Big Data verticals and uses cases that would benefit from even more speed:


  • Government – terrorist threat detection, bomb discovery, facial recognition
  • Financial Services – machine-to-machine hedge fund transactions
  • Utilities – load demand, reaction to outages


For more information please visit the E5500 site and the press release. The SPC-2 result above and as always feel free to reach me on Twitter: @thebillp


1 For more information on the SGI SPC-2 benchmark result, please visit: http://www.storageperformance.org/results/benchmark_results_spc2#b00065.


2 Results with SPC “Accepted” status as of January 2011 and priced under $500,000 and not using NetApp technology.

Data current as of March 1, 2013.


Tested Storage Product

SPC-2 MBPS / Spindle *


Number of Spindles


B00065 - SGI InfiniteStorage 5600

  1. 73.80




B00058 - Sun ZFS Storage 7420

  1. 27.87




B00052 - IBM Storwize V7000

  1. 26.11




B00055 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2

  1. 22.57




B00057 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 S2

  1. 19.96





*SPC-2 MBPS/Spindle as computed by NetApp = (SPC-2 MBPS / # of spindles in TSP)