Improve your “plumbing” with the latest NetApp SnapProtect release!

By Ray Mar, Product Marketing Manager


Have you heard the analogy that backup is like plumbing? When I thought about the analogy the other day, I immediately had a horrible flashback to some expensive plumbing I had to replace in my home because some dreaded roots found its way into the pipes. This created some “performance issues,” so to speak.  Of course, it works like a charm now…thousands of dollars later.


When you think about an IT shop that invests a great deal of money into their backup infrastructure, they also need to make sure their “plumbing” isn’t creating issues for them. But time and time again, we hear of many customers facing the same challenges – “I can’t backup within my allotted window,” or “I’m unable to recover data when I need it.” Sound familiar? This can largely be attributed to traditional methods of backing up that can’t meet the needs of a modern infrastructure - particularly one that’s virtualized.


Enter NetApp Integrated Data Protection! If you know NetApp and its technologies, like Snapshot® copies, replication, and deduplication to name a few, you already know the efficiencies these bring to your storage infrastructure. With the company’s newest data protection management solution, NetApp SnapProtect®, they are delivering even more simplified, cost effective, and accelerated backup and recovery to our customers’ day to day backup problems by combining its modern approach with tape for a single end-to-end solution. It’s like what my contractor did - integrated about 20 feet of new piping into my existing piping, made from this new material that won’t “wear out” while simultaneously keeping those tree roots out.


Yeah, trees are great on the surface. Until their roots get into your plumbing.


Why am I telling you this? Well, if you’re currently a NetApp shop or looking at NetApp as a provider for storage, you might also want to think about including SnapProtect in your infrastructure. What is exciting are the new capabilities NetApp released today with SnapProtect Service Pack 5 (SP5).  This release has many enhancements to the solution that will benefit customers looking for a data protection product integrated with their NetApp FAS storage systems.  The release follows CommVault’s Simpana R2 release made available earlier in the year.  [Note: NetApp SnapProtect is an OEM of a portion of CommVault Simpana software].  This release features some really nice enhancements to make SnapProtect a great solution, including enhanced VMware protection and accelerated backup and recovery capabilities. In my next post, we’ll examine a few of these features.