Insight 2014 Recap: FlexPod Alters Reality

Flexpod Augmented Reality.jpg

Over the last month, FlexPod really lit up the scene in both Las Vegas and Berlin, as it was heavily featured at the two NetApp Insight events. I wanted to share a belated thank you to all of our partners and customers who came by the booths, attended our sessions, or took the time to meet with team members. But incase you weren’t able to attend Insight 2014, here are some things you may have missed.


FlexPod Takes Center Stage

Whether it was the opening keynotes, in presentations, or at any of our near 100 sessions, it was clear FlexPod made its mark. Over at the FlexPod solution stand, we had team members available to speak with over 200 attendees throughout the event. Also there is a good chance you may have noticed a FlexPod Datacenter rack, along with as many as three FlexPod Express Racks and one FlexPod Koan, on display on the expo floor.


FlexPod Alters Reality

Also at NetApp Insight, we were able to debut our FlexPod Augmented Reality App. The app, which is now available for download on the Apple store, was demoed for well over 1,000 people and allows users to see what a FlexPod rack may look like in their datacenter, while also learning more about the product.


Meeting with Partners

We were also able to spend plenty of time with many of our partners at Insight. In total, 65 FlexPod Premium Partners joined us for a reseller partner session in Las Vegas. Many of them also joined us at the FlexPod Premium Partner booth, where we were able to discuss how we can extend our presence outside of the NetApp solution area. Additionally many of them also joined us for lunches and dinners throughout the event.




Also we must give a huge hand to all our key partners, sponsors, and resellers who joined us on the expo floor. Along with Cisco, our Diamond Sponsor, and about two dozen other sponsors, we were able to remind everyone that much like Legos, a data center requires a strong foundation.


Lego Flexpod


So beyond this great experience at these shows, we had a few takeaways from this past month on the road:

  • Feeling the love – We received a lot of positive response about FlexPod. Specifically within a related survey we got comments such as, “The best solution for NetApp”, “Love it!”, and “FlexPod is the Golden Box”.
  • You need the sizzle And the steak – Having the physical equipment and cabinet was useful for discussing cabling and such, but we had 5x the visitors interested in the FlexPod Augmented Reality app, which goes to show that cool, new gadgets are still important to maintaining interest in the business.
  • Ease of ordering – We had multiple comments about reducing the time it takes to order a FlexPod and we will continue to work with our distribution partners to get us to a point where one call and 2 weeks is all that will stand between you and a complete FlexPod. Expect more news next month.

We will be in Milan for CiscoLive in January, so keep your eyes open for more news leading up that event. In the meantime, FlexPod information can be found as usual at and you can always ask us a question at