Insight 2015 Berlin: Capturing the Digital Opportunity

Rob Salmon, President, NetApp


By Jim Lyons, NetApp

Insight 2015 kicked off in Berlin with a keynote by Rob Salmon, NetApp president and head of go-to-market operations. Rob described an IT environment that is in flux, yet he pointed out that it also presents enormous opportunities for organizations that are willing to embrace change and capitalise on the cloud.

He was joined on stage by Holger Karcher, founder and CEO of Helpium and Lars Göbel, director at DARZ, a NetApp service provider partner. Together, they shared how DARZ has created an award winning hybrid cloud service that enables its customers to access the power of multiple public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services and IBM SoftLayer. The DARZ hybrid cloud is built on a data fabric powered by NetApp. Their data fabric connects private data storage to the cloud in a way that enables the agility of the public cloud, yet also meets the security needs of DARZ customers and the requirements of Germany’s data privacy regulators. The same approach can be used to comply with the latest ruling by the European Court of Justice, which recently invalidated the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement, a development that has caused many companies to rethink their cloud architectures.



Peder Ulander, Cisco vice president for cloud strategy, followed with a discussion on the digital disruption facing many industries today. Peder showed how Cisco and NetApp are teaming to help customers navigate the digital business transformation that is upending industries as varied as hospitality, retail, and financial services. The common thread across all of them is a need to manage the huge amount of data that is being generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and systems of engagement.  

The opportunity is large, as is the risk of disruption. On the plus side, companies that can harness IoT data to improve their customer experience are creating new revenue streams or even entirely new businesses. On the down side, those that are slow to adapt may be facing an existential crisis.

The theme of the conference is Building Data Fabric Together, and NetApp is showcasing new technology that its customers are using to build and manage private, public and hybrid cloud services. Check out the daily podcasts on Tech OnTap Live to hear interviews with industry experts and IT leaders who are attending this year’s conference.