Insight 2015 Berlin: When Data Protection is a Service

By Jim Lyons, NetApp

There’s been a lot of buzz about new approaches to data protection at the NetApp Insight conference in Berlin. With data growth averaging 40% year on year and no end in sight, IT organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies for all of the copies stored “just in case,” such as for backup, archive, and disaster recovery purposes.

NetApp customers and partners are addressing the problem by designing data protection like a service provider. In fact, it’s now possible to build large-scale, geo-distributed private clouds for backup and archive copies using object storage, an approach that was pioneered by hyperscale cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). This approach can be combined with AltaVault cloud-integrated appliances, which provide a cache of local disk storage for backup and archive applications, and then compress, deduplicate and encrypt the data before shipping it over a network to an S3-compatible content repository. The S3 repository can be a private cloud, or it can be any of a number of public cloud services.


Backup to Cloud


NetApp customers are using AltaVault physical and virtual appliances to transform their data protection for several common use cases:

  • Backup modernization:  As a replacement for tape systems and expensive disk-based backup appliances
  • New cloud backup tier:  As a long-term cloud tier alongside an existing  disk  backup appliance
  • Archival storage:  As an archive solution for database logs or archival applications, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Cold storage: As low-cost storage for durable long-term retention

Because it’s also available as a virtual appliance, you can download a free trial copy of AltaVault software.


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