Inspired By The London Olympics? You Can Be An IT Analytics Winner.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


Millions of people around the world have been tuning in to watch the London 2012 Olympics. I’ve been enjoying watching various events such as cycling, swimming, diving, volleyball and gymnastics. These athletes have been training for most of their lives, trying to become Olympic medalists.


What stands out in my mind though is that the London Olympics could not have been accomplished without superior orchestration and execution. It’s the same in business and IT. If you want to compete successfully, you need exceptional orchestration and execution. This means working together as one team—like an Olympic team.


In IT, you may be a team of one, a few or dozens. Whatever the case may be, it’s about having the information needed about storage, virtualization, applications, etc. in order to plan and make key decisions to help your business be successful, and make your customers happy. NetApp® OnCommand® software helps you successfully plan, execute, and work as one team. Let’s take a look at how this is done.


If your IT organization is small and primarily uses NetApp storage, then System Manager or OnCommand unified manager, storage Workflow Automation and OnCommand Report may be the way to go for you. If you have stand-alone NetApp SAN and NAS storage, System Manager lets you power up and provision storage in minutes – letting you execute quickly like an Olympic sprinter.


If your NetApp environment is a little more complex, you can use OnCommand Unified Manager to manage your physical and virtual storage, and use integrated workflows and policy-driven automation. You can then layer on NetApp’s storage Workflow Automation which lets you design automated execution of administrative tasks such as storage capacity provisioning, setup, data migration, and system decommissioning. OnCommand Report works with OnCommand Unified Manager to provide IT analytics and enterprise-level reporting so you have a roll up view of your storage. As a result, you’re able to better plan for and anticipate IT and business demands. Think of it as an Olympic relay team working together in unison.


What if you have a heterogeneous storage environment? OnCommand Insight provides you with end-to-end visibility and IT analytics. You also have a data warehouse and enterprise reporting, letting you tailor and share reports for different audiences such as executives, middle management, etc. Insight lets you successfully plan and execute as one IT team and better align with the business as a whole—like synchronized swimming.


Just a like an Olympic gymnast, you want to make sure your performing at your absolute best. Here you can use OnCommand Balance for IT performance management. Balance correlates data from the VM, physical server, and storage and uses analytics to deliver troubleshooting, optimization, prediction performance for virtualization, FlexPod™, and cloud environments.


As you watch the Olympics, think about how you can successfully plan and execute, and be a winner! What OnCommand products do you think you’ll use to achieve that success?



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