Introducing the EF540: Maximizing the Power and Performance of Flash

By Rip Wilson, NetApp


For enterprise organizations today, the need for high performance is a given. Equally important, but often less discussed, is the ability to protect data and offer the kind of robustness that allows for 24-7 data availability and reliability. For systems deployed in critical applications, being able to have a highly reliable and available system with data protection technologies built in is essential.


For enterprise organizations that require that extreme performance and reliability, NetApp is excited to offer the new EF540 flash array—the industry’s first all flash array to combine extreme performance with enterprise-class high availability, proven reliability and 24-7 worldwide support.


Designed for performance-driven applications, the EF540 delivers over 300,000 IOPS and submillisecond data access in a highly available, fault tolerant architecture. It enables customers to meet performance requirements without over-provisioning, dramatically reducing costs by cutting space utilization, power and cooling. Business-critical database applications can run up to 500 percent faster than in traditional storage environments, delivering instant response times and enterprise-class reliability.


Featuring intuitive storage management and advanced tuning functions that enable efficient administration with minimal effort, the EF540 maximizes application value and has a fully redundant architecture designed to eliminate downtime. Because these application workloads typically support the development and revenue generating operations of businesses, the EF540 is designed to deliver the resiliency and service diagnostic capabilities customers demand from enterprise arrays, as well as advanced snapshots for instant backups and remote replication for rapid disaster recovery.


For customers with workloads demanding extreme IOPS or throughput, the EF540 is the optimal choice for consistent, low-latency access to data. Business applications, such as transaction processing, data warehousing and real-time analytics, can be highly impacted by responsiveness and latency. When performance and response of the application is tightly linked to revenue, customer satisfaction or time to market become tightly linked to competitive advantage and critical to business success.


For dedicated, performance-driven applications that require highly responsive, reliable architectures, the EF540 draws from NetApp’s long history of leadership, experience and execution to meet and exceed customer needs for performance and scale.