Is Easy IT Storage Workflow Automation Possible? One Click. It’s That Easy.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


You hear a lot of talk about the growing complexity of managing data centers. Virtualization, private cloud deployment, strapped resources. There’s no magic wand that will make all of your headaches disappear, but there is one thing that can really make a big difference—workflow automation. At NetApp we focus on storage workflow automation first, which is the act of making a storage workflow systematic, so that minimal administrative labor is needed for execution. But we don’t stop at storage workflow automation, because the real value is building integrated workflows into other areas, such desktop virtualization or multi-tenant cloud environments.

I spoke with Jeremy Goodrum, who’s spent a fair number of years in NetApp Professional Services, and here’s what he had to say about how NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation helps our customers.

“We were working with very large telecommunications service provider who had challenges managing many filers, many new applications coming online every day, and trying to maximize use of their capacity. What we found was that the customer was using a home grown script to provision out storage, but the tool was looking at some of basic things, such as a little bit of information about where to place it, some standards, some service catalog. We recognized that with OnCommand Workflow Automation, we could help them revolutionize their business.

We analyzed their problem and put together a solution with a new process that was repeatable and to help bring a standard service catalog back to their end-user customers. We introduced them to a software tool that can provision with intelligence, and help them answer questions like: Where do we place storage? Do we look at just how much capacity is available on an array? Or do we look at what that array is doing? What type of services does that array offer?

Workflow Automation helps customers, like this service provider, better utilize their storage and step away from the day-to-day task of trying to decide which controller to pick or where to place an application. It also allows customers to standardize and deliver a full service catalog to really transform their business. Plus, it provides significant operational cost and efficiency savings.”

If you’re using other OnCommand management software products such as Unified Manager or System Manager, Workflow Automation builds on that value and solves challenges such as standardizing your processes for provisioning, migrating, or decommissioning storage; setting up a new virtualization environment; or setting up storage for an application.


Want to learn more and find out how to get started? Visit the OnCommand community and check out the Workflow Automation space. There’s a Starter Kit, workflow examples or you can ask our automation experts questions. Watch Jeremy’s video blog and hear about his experience on how Workflow Automation helps customers.