Is Your Chargeback Process Leaving Money On The Table?

Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


As an IT or cloud service provider, your business is reliant upon you building a reliable and accurate chargeback process.  Even a basic chargeback process as part of a private cloud can be a daunting task.  A chargeback process consists of accurate storage monitoring and measuring of hardware and software usage and costs, typically by tenant or business unit.  NetApp has been successfully helping customers achieve their goal of implementing a robust chargeback process regardless of their business model for cloud data storage.  Let’s take a look at how one major service provider was able to improve their chargeback process and stop leaving money on the table.


This service provider knew that they were under-billing, but they had no way to validate their suspicions.  This company had a huge, multi-vendor environment, which was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.  The service provider was looking for a solution to address their current challenges, create a model for future growth, and of course provide a quick payback and ROI. 

NetApp introduced OnCommand® Insight as the cornerstone to this service provider’s solution.  Why? OnCommand Insight provides a number of key capabilities that many tools fail to match.  The first key is its data warehouse, which maintains complete information on multi-vendor storage environments, including performance, utilization, and costs.  Next is the flexible, enterprise reporting package, which allows cost and usage reporting by tenant, business unit, department and more.  Flexibility means that these reports can be fed or integrated into other business systems for a roll up view and C-level reporting.


The next step was to run a proof of concept to validate how OnCommand Insight would perform in their environment.  To their delight, the service provider was able to see the information they knew had been missing in the current process. OnCommand Insight not only showed this service provider detailed information about what each tenant was using and the exact cost, they were able to feed this chargeback information into their financial process for more accurate billing.  For them, this was a huge problem solved.  But the real win here is not just this service provider’s ability to improve their chargeback process and recoup untracked revenue, the OnCommand Insight solution delivered a payback period of six months.


Are you concerned about leaving money on the table? Be sure to check out the How To video library on the OnCommand Insight Community and learn more about chargeback reporting, custom reports and much more.