Just Released: Snap Creator Framework 4.1.1 for Data Backup and Restore

Just Released:  Snap Creator Framework 4.1.1 for Data Backup and Restore


This maintenance release introduces a brand new plugin for SAP HANA with some great new features as well as adding Consistency Group Snapshot support for Snap Creator meta data volumes.

Today I am focusing exclusively on the new supported SAP HANA plugin, which can be downloaded today, since it is the biggest news for a lot of our customers.


New SAP HANA Plugin

Many of you may know that Snap Creator has had a perl plugin for SAP HANA for quite some time. Thanks to the Snap Creator 4.1 Agent, new Java based plugins were possible, allowing for deeper integration between the application and the storage layer.  As a result, we took the opportunity to rewrite the SAP HANA plugin in Java and add a variety of great features. 


  • Support for SAP HANA SPS7 and beyond which supports storage based snapshots.
  • With the new SAP HANA plugin successful or failed backups are registered in the SAP HANA backup catalog. 
  • Deleted Snapshots are also cleaned up from the SAP HANA studio so that stale entries are not listed in the backup catalog.
  • Support for point in time recovery of the SAP HANA database
  • Support for multi node, high availability environments


The image below is a screenshot from the SAP HANA Studio showing backups taken through Snap Creator registered in the backup catalog:


The new SAP HANA plugin also works with the SAP HANA Studio for restore. 


The following workflow shows how the restore process works:

You start the recovery process in the SAP HANA Studio, which will start the recovery wizard and bring down the HANA database. Then you will see a list of backups on which recovery can be performed.


Notice the External Backup ID that is highlighted in the orange box in the screenshot above.  This is the name of the backup in Snap Creator.

At this time there are no backups available for restore.  The next step is to go into Snap Creator and perform a volume restore.


From Snap Creator select Action —> Restore, then go through the Volume Restore wizard and select the Snapshot copy name that is highlighted in the External Backup ID.

Once you’ve completed the restore in Snap Creator, return to the SAP HANA Studio.  The Backup is now available for restore and you can complete the wizard in the SAP HANA Studio.

This will start the SAP HANA database after completing the restore wizard.


For more details about using the SAP HANA plugin for Snap Creator, check out TR-4313: SAP HANA Backup and Recovery Using Snap Creator by Nils Bauer. 


And be sure to download the latest version of Snap Creator today!