Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

By George Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Operations, NetApp


It’s no secret that 2014 is a year of change within the IT industry. The pressure on enterprise IT departments to support business transformation, coupled with the rapid pace of technology evolution, data growth, and a continuing war for talent, is forcing CIOs to seek alternative solutions. The cloud provides opportunities and risks: the opportunity to access a broad range of digitized services and harness the capabilities of the world’s specialists at the end of a network wire and the risks of having to develop a new set of competencies to govern, manage risk, and comply with various business mandates.


Unfortunately, current infrastructure and IT models aren’t prepared to handle such change. As the pace of business increases, competitive advantage will hinge on the ability to rapidly develop new capabilities and strategically harness information. This requires enterprises to dramatically simplify by standardizing and consolidating their IT architecture and to connect their internal environments to capabilities delivered by infrastructure or software-as-a-service providers. In addition, business-critical applications now need to be deployed on an always-on, high-performance infrastructure that provides consistent access to data in real time.


Enabling Customers to Meet the Challenge

Seamlessly managing and maintaining control of data and enterprise application performance from the local office to the data center to the (hybrid) cloud on a single infrastructure is not easy. To manage the complexity of change, NetApp continues to evolve to provide enterprises and service providers with the opportunity to make their storage infrastructures substantially more efficient while building in the flexibility to rapidly respond to real-time business priorities. 


Take – for example – NetApp Data ONTAP, the number-one storage operating system in the world. It delivers to customers today the industry's richest data management portfolio and nondisruptive operations, and it is unmatched in meeting the IT transformation requirements of both the enterprise and service providers. Data ONTAP allows customers to dramatically simplify, standardize, and consolidate their infrastructure to be as efficient as large-scale service providers while enabling IT departments to deliver transformative new capabilities as services on demand.


Furthermore, today’s unveiling of NetApp’s powerful new fabric-attached storage (FAS) systems showcases yet another capability that is ready to drive IT transformation. No other storage platform in the industry is scale-up or scale-out ready, enabled for software-defined storage and the cloud, and flash-integrated like ours.


An Overview of What Is New


  • Extreme Performance and Scale with the NetApp FAS8080 EX: NetApp’s most powerful, patented scale-out array ever is purpose-built for the most demanding business-critical applications, allowing customers to:

    • Increase application responsiveness and speed time to revenue with nearly half a petabyte of flash storage.
    • Achieve stringent service-level objectives and maximize uptime with proactive fault resolution, nondisruptive operations, and advanced data protection solutions trusted by the largest organizations worldwide.
    • Combine the responsiveness of flash – in an all-flash-array configuration – with the extensive data management capabilities of Data ONTAP, providing excellent performance, unprecedented flexibility in deployment choices, and the ability to seamlessly deploy all-flash environments on demand as an integrated capability of a storage infrastructure.
  • Superior Price/Performance with NetApp FAS2500: The FAS2500 harnesses the power of Data ONTAP to simplify data management across the entire enterprise, from the local office to the data center to the cloud. Customers can:
    • Deliver better price/performance value from a hybrid array with the industry’s most efficient use of flash technology.
    • Eliminate operational overhead and IT complexity associated with performance and capacity growth by leveraging nondisruptive operations.
    • Enable easy integration into the cloud with dynamic data portability and a universal data platform supported by more than 200 cloud service provider partners worldwide.

Transformative Innovation Today – Finding the Win

Organizations around the world, from healthcare organizations and financial services firms to global service providers, value our collaboration and passion for helping them achieve the business outcomes they desire. But don't just take my word for it – read what they have to say about how NetApp helps them find their win during a time of transition and change today.

  • “With Arbitration Forum’s escalating business growth, IT has strict service level objectives to meet our growing membership’s uptime requirements. By choosing clustered Data ONTAP management framework, we have not only exceeded requirements but extended the benefits of performance, deduplication, simplified management, and integrated data protection across our NetApp and third party arrays. We have easily integrated NetApp technology and our organization’s extensive VMware environment as well as preserved close to $2 million in existing storage.” - Eric Tuley, Director of IS Operations, Arbitration Forums

  • “We depend on NetApp storage for the management and delivery of our business-critical applications, including electronic medical records and medical images. Cisco and NetApp FlexPod infrastructure helps our doctors and clinicians access data and images anytime from anywhere. And, clustered Data ONTAP helps us avoid any service interruption, whether hardware failure or OS patching, by allowing us to roll our environment between nodes without downtime. This type of infrastructure is necessary in healthcare where time and accessibility is essential for successful patient care.” - Tony Beaird, Manager of Server, Storage and IT Security Infrastructures at DuPage Medical Group

  • “The number of queries to our global media database has grown from 10 million daily queries in the early years to now more than 500 million. This type of growth demands a reliable storage infrastructure with no corruption, downtime, loss of data or availability. NetApp FAS storage systems offer consistent reliable technology that is always ahead of our needs. In 12 years, we’ve never had to make a platform change, and that’s been of immeasurable value to us.” - Matthew Leeds, Vice President of Operations, Gracenote

  • “The ability to service and expand our storage infrastructure without downtime is essential to the business-critical nature of Union Bank’s e-commerce applications. Therefore, we chose Cisco and NetApp FlexPod infrastructure to reduce risk and increase IT efficiency, supporting our private cloud and allowing us to scale. And with clustered Data ONTAP, we can perform upgrades and load balance for capacity and performance in a nondisruptive manner.” - Don O’Connor, Senior Vice President, Technology Operations Division Manager, Union Bank 

Moving forward, IT infrastructure and resources need to be able to scale and adapt as quickly as the business environment necessitates. Customers need to make strategic choices with new technology and IT delivery options that will enable them to modernize and create business outcomes that were not previously possible. Building an IT architecture that seamlessly integrates your disparate IT environments is the only way to move forward.