Leader of the Category, MSB Product of Choice

By Ling Wang, NetApp Product Marketing Manager


NetApp Named “Champion” and winner of “Best Overall Value” for Small to Mid-range Storage by Info-Tech Research Group


As we all know, value is everything to MSB customers. In a recent Vendor Landscape report, Info-Tech Research Group recognized NetApp as a “Champion” in the category of small to mid-range storage, and the winner of the “Best Overall Value” award for its FAS2200 product line. Exciting news for our FAS team, adding to the success we have been enjoying since the launch of the new FAS2200 line. More importantly this once again confirms NetApp as the leader in the MSB market.


This year’s Vendor Landscape report ranked 7 other competitors including storage giants such as EMC, Dell, HP, as well as smaller players such as Nimble, Nexsan (acquired by Imation in January 2013), Tegile, and IceWEB.


So what makes you a Champion? According to Info-Tech Research Group, “Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry.” The storage vendors were evaluated for their viability, strategy, reach and channel, and the products for their features, usability, affordability and architecture. NetApp is the ONLY company that scored “Exemplary” for seven out of the eight criteria and “good” or above against ALL criteria.


Our FAS2200 won the “Best Overall Value” award with a stunning score of 100 with the next competitor with a score of 69, and nearly doubling the industry average of 52.  As a measure of “bang-for-the-buck”, the value score was an index of each vendor’s product offering and business strength against their price point. Indeed, with a starting price for as low as $8,000, and a three-year TCO between $25,000 and $50,000, the lowest among all products evaluated, FAS2200 line is a dream-come-true for the often cash-strapped MSB customers.


Now, here comes the second half of the good news – fortunately in NetApp’s case, exceptional value does not mean compromises in features and performance. While being evaluated for “Advanced Features”, NetApp leads the pack as the ONLY vendor that supports ALL 10 of them in the FAS2200 line, which include Unified File and Block Storage, Solid State Caching, SSD Tier, Auto-tiering, VMware VAAI, VMware VASA/SRM, Block Deduplication, Compression, Inline Compression, and Virtualized Array.


The fact that we introduced Flash Pool technology and the new System Setup tool to the entry line is attributed as one of the key reasons to win. With the read and write caching capability that came with the Flash Pool technology, customers can enjoy the ultra-fast performance of SSD’s without the price tag of a full Flash array. The new GUI-based System Setup utility takes you through 3 simple screens and helps you get up and running within minutes.


Here is a list of praises about NetApp in the report -


  • “With a common platform and tool set across its storage portfolio, NetApp facilitates evolution from entry to enterprise.”
  • “Introduction of Flash Pools brings flash performance to entry level systems where cost of Flash Cache might be out of reach.”
  • “VMware integration continues to be a strong point for NetApp, with extensive block and NAS VMware API support, and one of the only vendors to bring VMware APIs for Storage Awareness and Site Recovery Manager to its entry level products.”
  • “Advanced technologies and tools for thin provisioning, thin replication, thin snapshots, inline compression, deduplication, and efficient use of flash all help optimize disk utilization, as well as network bandwidth utilization.”


As the report puts it, “NetApp has been excelling in the small to mid-range since its inception, and with an appealing price point to boot”. Packed with advanced features that are usually only found in high-end systems, positioned at a “surprisingly low price point” for a mature solution, NetApp’s FAS2200 line is well poised to continue to woo MSB customers who are looking for a cost-effective yet flexible solution with a rich feature set that is easy to use and able to grow with them into the future. Start right, keep it simple and grow smart. FAS2200 is the way to go.


Visit FAS2200 product page to judge it for yourself. And read the complete details of the Info-Tech Research Group report here.


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