Liberate Your Business with Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2

By George Kurrian, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NetApp


Today we are excited to announce version 8.2 of Clustered Data ONTAP, a product that will revolutionize the storage industry and the organizations who use it.


In order to keep pace with the changing needs of business, CIOs need an infrastructure that can work without interruption while keeping cost under control and delivering new services, projects and capacity instantly – that’s where Clustered Data ONTAP comes in. No outage, no interruption.


What’s new in Clustered Data ONTAP, Version 8.2? Take a look:

  • Improved Nondisruptive Operations
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Next Generation Backup
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Higher Scaling
  • Enhanced Virtualization
  • Transition Tools & Services


From Virtualized Environments to Scale-Out NAS Workloads and Enterprise Applications, this single platform brings the best storage has to offer.


Virtualized Environments

Clustered Data ONTAP’s unified architecture allows you to service a broad range of workloads on a standard platform, from the most demanding to the fastest growing. Its seamless scalability and modular architecture lets you expand when you need to and seamlessly shrink Storage Virtual Machines to return unused underlying storage, even bursting into the public cloud with our new Direct Connect capability for seasonal or uneven workloads. These comprehensive storage efficiencies offered by Data ONTAP help drive cost down and utilization up.


But the biggest challenge presented by virtualized environments is managing planned downtime. Clustered Data ONTAP enables you to perform storage maintenance, hardware lifecycle operations and software upgrades without interrupting your business.


Scale-Out NAS Workloads

Scale-Out is the latest evolution of NAS architectures, and nobody understands NAS environments better than NetApp.   Clustered Data ONTAP easily beats the competition in performance, latency and efficiency, providing better linear scale, using 50% fewer disks, and effortlessly supporting a broad range of workloads. The seamless scaling in these NAS environments allows customers to grow from a few Terabytes to tens of Petabytes without ever having to reconfigure running applications or worry about downtime. And, with simple, integrated, storage-efficient data protection, we can help you easily protect your ever growing amounts of data.


Enterprise Applications

These mission critical, typically SAN-delivered workloads demand IT’s “big three” – performance, reliability and availability. Clustered Data ONTAP’s Scale-out SAN integration with NetApp’s granular Virtual Storage Tiering delivers high-performing, efficient configurations and assures reliability with Quality of Service (QoS) – new in 8.2 – for a range of workloads and workload sizes. While scale in these environments can be both expensive and disruptive, this isn’t a concern with Clustered Data ONTAP, which lets you grow as you need to.

But we also offer a solution for one of the toughest challenges IT folks face in the space: managing asset lifecycles in concert with unpredictable application events. Clustered Data ONTAP allows nondisruptive migration of data based on the needs of the business, not the demands of a contract.



Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 is designed to keep CIOs ahead of the curve, providing the infrastructure businesses need to compete and grow in today’s world. We know that downtime can be disastrous, resources are stretched thin, and companies need to be able to deliver new capabilities as fast as their business demands – and we built Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 precisely to meet those needs.


To see more about how the newest release of Clustered Data ONTAP will take your business further, faster, click here.