Live from the NetApp PowerShell booth at MMS 2012

The best part of coming to a show like MMS is the interaction.  Hearing from our customers how our tools and product are being used.  The good the bad and the unexpected.  Yesterday we had a rather unique request from a visitor at the PowerShell kiosk in the NetApp booth.  The customer has noticed the VMDK to VHD conversion cmdlets in the most recent version of the toolkit, and he wanted to know how he could use them to get a VMware VM running over NFS onto a CSV in Hyper-V.  Having access the lead developer of the toolkit pictured above came in handy here.  We put our heads together and in about 10 minutes had figured out a rather clever workflow to handle the conversion.  If you're interested check out the video below, and if you're at the show... Come by and say HI, we'd love to attempt another ad-hoc challenge!