Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places…

By Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software


For file data, storage efficiency is almost never about price per gig. Organizations need to look elsewhere to manage file data costs. But, to do this, you need to understand what drives cost. Let’s review what we know and how we know it.


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) dominates the equation. The financials for file data aren’t driven by the cost per gig of disk. They’re driven by what you do with those gigs once you have them. The current industry statistic is that TCO is 5 to 7 times acquisition cost. With purchase price being only 1-sixth of TCO, this means if you paid zero for your disk, you would still only save 16% of your costs...


In addition to having broad industry data from analysts like Gartner Group and IDC, NTP Software has done hundreds of File Data Assessments for customers of all sizes and industries. Our actual results and the analysts’ industry averages are remarkably consistent. From this information, we can write the following prescription for managing file data cost effectively:


  • Policy-based Management – Gartner Group and others tell us that 20% to 40% off all file data is junk – duplicates, MP3s, etc... There is no reason to tolerate so much waste and abuse. Even cutting it by half is material relative to the total cost of your file storage
  • PartitioningIn times past, it made sense to put all file data in one place. Now it does not. Infrequently used files are 60% to 80% of all file data. They can be placed in a managed archive that can reduce operating costs by 50% or more
  • Split MigrationThe Industry is undergoing a shift to new, scale-out storage platforms. We will all be moving our file data to new hosts sometime soon. Since dormant files are half or more of the total volume, there is a lot of money to be saved by splitting your estate and moving active files to their new high-performance home, such as NetApp’s new Clustered Data ONTAP while moving dormant files to their new high efficiency home, i.e. NetApp e-Series.


Through our partnership with NetApp we have developed solutions that address the real costs associated with data storage. Our joint solutions address the issues that most do not realize they face, namely the potential for savings in operational costs that go ignored by most organizations. For more info check out our NetApp Solution Connection Page or visit us on the web at www.ntpsoftware.com.