Metricon Reduces Backup Time by 80% with NetApp SteelStore


Since its establishment 40 years ago, Australian homebuilder, Metricon, has amassed nearly 40TB of data. This data is backed up to tape and stored offsite for safekeeping. In order to meet legal requirements, Metricon must keep several documents, such as warranties, readily available. This became a challenge with tape backup, because retrieving files takes several hours. George Chen and Andrew Hocking, two of the company’s employees, would spend 10 hours a week managing backups.


As a result, Metricon decided that the best way to reclaim employee time spent backing up and retrieving data would be to move to the cloud. The company began backing up data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and soon discovered that the data was moving slowly with Metricon’s standard internet connection. George Chen investigated storage appliance products that could speed up the data transfer, and discovered NetApp SteelStore cloud-integrated storage.


Switching from tape to NetApp SteelStore reduced time spent on backup by 80%. Additionally employees, such as Chen and Hocking, now spend 2 hours a week managing backup instead of 10. By eliminating tape, tape drives, and tape storage fees, Metricon saves $28,000 (US) annually.


“With NetApp SteelStore and Microsoft Azure we can now accommodate data growth cost-effectively and with greater peace of mind.” ~George Chen


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