Microsoft, Citrix, and NetApp deliver high performance FreeBSD on Hyper-V

This week, Microsoft, NetApp, and Citrix unveiled a deep collaboration at BSDCan to support FreeBSD as a high performance, first class guest on Hyper-V.  The results are enlightened guest drivers on Hyper-V soon to be open sourced under FreeBSD license.  NetApp has a long standing relationship with FreeBSD as contributor and beneficiary.  Microsoft delivered great support for FreeBSD guests on Hyper-V, NetApp helped with high performance storage in for FreeBSD, and Citrix contributed the networking development.  Each company offer technical contributions for the FreeBSD community, working as one development team.  We are super pleased to be near a code drop to the FreeBSD community.  This project has been underway since last fall, the latest collaboration with roots in the Microsoft/NetApp Strategic Alliance.


The NetApp cloud roadmap includes enabling ONTAP to run on hypervisors.  Where our partners benefit from the rich data management features of ONTAP and the flexibility of a hypervisor guest is the best solution, NetApp works closely to enable ONTAP-v as an option.   Our earliest R&D led to the Virtual Storage Array collaboration with Fujitsu.  Now, by working with Microsoft on this project, super tight integration for ONTAP-v with Hyper-V is on the horizon.  The ability to run on Windows servers dramatically changes the solutions we can build when NetApp data management tools combined with ONTAP-v offer best of breed for Windows cloud architectures.


If you're not familiar with Hyper-V enlightened drivers, here's a high level diagram to showing integration between Hyper-V, the Windows Kernel, the FreeBSD Kernel and enlightened drivers.