Moving To The Cloud? Don’t Forget Storage Workflow Automation

More and more companies are moving to cloud computing. According to Gartner, 5% of all IT spending has shifted to public cloud alone – already exceeding $100 Billion this year, with Infrastructure-as-a-Service the fastest growing segment (+41.7% CAGR). Some industries such as US Federal are especially aggressive with 71% adopting a combination of public and private clouds.  But what many of these organizations are realizing is that they lack workflow automation tools for dynamic resource provisioning and management for all their IT resources. What good is being able to automatically provision new VMs if you can’t quickly or automatically provision storage when it’s needed?

There have been generic workflow automation products on the market, but often times they require integration and configuration by professional services or in-house experts. NetApp is one of the first companies providing workflow automation specifically for storage.  In 2011, we introduced NetApp Workflow Automation, designed specifically for storage workflow management.  The product is currently being used by select enterprises and service providers who require additional flexibility for storage automation and workflow management, while allowing them to comply with strict internal organizational requirements, processes, and resource naming conventions.

NetApp Workflow Automation ("WFA") works as a free-standing storage automation tool or it can be used to script complex tasks that are then called by a higher-level orchestrator as web services (i.e. via SOAP, WSDL).  If you‘re not familiar with WFA, be sure to check out the Clouds OnCommand post, “Workflow Automation – What It Is and Why You Should Care” as well as a short storage workflow management demo video on YouTube. 

Our innovation continues with the recent release of WFA 1.1.1, which provides a graphic tool for storage architects to design customized workflows for tasks such as storage provisioning, data migrating, and even system decommissioning.   To learn more about the new product commands and functionality, check out the WFA Community pageWorkflow Automation does require a license and is available free to NetApp hardware customers – just ask your NetApp Sales rep.  General Availability (GA) is planned for later this year.

Part of an Agile Data Infrastructure

Workflow Automation helps bring the Intelligence to an Agile Data Infrastructure and is a member of NetApp’s OnCommand data storage management product portfolio.  The OnCommand products allow IT professionals to control, automate, analyze and integrate their storage resources, and enable Cloud and IT-as-a-Service deployments.

Want to learn more? Read about Workflow Automation or watch the overview video.


You guys are provided a well deign workflow automation for storage management process.I am really impressed by your workflow. Thanks for providing the Gartner's article to know about the latest cloud migration


Thanks for the comment.  Gartner has other studies including 'The Future of Storage Management' that validates this need for automation.   WFA is our latest contribution to make Storage staff more efficient.