My Aha! Moment to Cross-pollinate and Integrate Data Between OnCommand Insight and ServiceNow CMDB

A NetApp IT ‘Loud & Proud’ Perspective

By Terry Pass, NetApp IT Sr. Data Center Integration Architect

It was an ‘a-ha’ moment the day I uncovered a hidden URL feature that helps cross-pollinate ServiceNow CMDB information with other tools. I quickly realized we could integrate storage performance data and capacity metrics from OCI (NetApp’s storage resource management software) into a real-time self-service portal in our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) used to manage IT support services within ServiceNow. It was like a marriage made in heaven.

It was an important discovery because NetApp’s OCI storage resource management software has quickly become IT’s favorite tool for assessing our internal IT storage performance. OCI delivers a wealth of storage network data that helps us transition to an IT service management (ITSM) environment that focuses on customer service over infrastructure management.

Technically speaking, we use the OCI annotations in the REST API to automatically send data from the CMDB to OCI. This eliminates the need to manually export the data and then import into OCI; it automates the integration in both directions. By using this API we can now track 4,500 relationships between our 300 applications and OCI. 

OCI provides the infrastructure and dependency mapping data while ServiceNow is used to manage the business services. This ability to share detailed data across both tools and teams takes us one step closer to operating as a more cohesive, productive team. And that’s what ITSM is all about.

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