Need to Back Up an App that Doesn’t Have a Plugin? No problem Using Snap Creator. Part II

Welcome back to part II of my example of how we created a plugin for Teamcenter on Windows using Microsoft SQL (MSSQL).

Part I is located here


Now that I have my two configuration files, one for my application and one for my database, I need to call these configuration files in such a way that Teamcenter is in read only mode when I run my SMSQL configuration.  I can do this using Snap Creator PRE and POST commands.


Using PRE and POST Commands

Snap Creator has a variety of commands that can be executed many different places in the workflow.  As a group we refer to these as PRE and POST commands.  For a specific example, above I created an APP_QUIESCE command that puts Teamcenter into backup mode.  In addition to the APP_QUIESCE command, I can run a PRE_APP_QUIESCE command (a command that runs before APP_QUIESCE) or a POST_APP_QUIESCE command (a command that runs after APP_QUIESCE).

There is a variety of these PRE and POST commands throughout Snap Creator.


For this specific example I will run my SnapManager for SQL (SMSQL) config after the Teamcenter environment (placed into read only mode), but run it before the Snapshot copy is taken.  For this purpose I am using the POST_APP_QUIESCE command, calling the SMSQL config in Snap Creator before returning to the Teamcenter workflow.  This process is referred to as nesting configuration files.  We’re calling a Snap Creator config from within a running Snap Creator config.  Let’s see this in action - Click the video link or watch the embedded video below:




The end result is a workflow within Snap Creator that does the following:

•    Place Teamcenter into a consistent state

•    Calls Snap Creator SMSQL config (Using SMSQL to put MSSQL into backup mode, take Snapshot copies, and return to normal mode)

•    Take Snapshot copies of Teamcenter volumes

•    Return Teamcenter to normal mode


While this specific example uses Teamcenter and SMSQL, the concepts are applicable to a variety of environments.  Snap Creator can be leveraged to meet a wide variety of custom applications and databases, and the concepts shown in this blog and the associated videos may help you to solve your complex backup needs.


Snap Creator is available to NetApp customers as a free software download from the NetApp Support site.


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