NetApp Certifications: What’s New and What You Need to Know

maki.pngby NetApp A-Team member Chris Maki, Solutions Architect at Scalar Decisions


If you’re a NetApp nerd like myself, or if you prefer to call yourself an “avid NetApp user,” then you’re probably familiar with their annual conference, NetApp Insight, and the fact that it’s happening next week in Las Vegas (and again in Berlin, Germany, in November). Since you’re reading this article at all, you may already have a NetApp certification, or perhaps have considered getting certified. Although not a lot has changed since the exams were last updated in April to reflect the release of 8.3, there is at least one completely new exam and certification, the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, Clustered Data ONTAP NS0-180, which became available on September 23, 2015.


This year at Insight there’s going to be a whopping 14 separate exam prep sessions at both the Las Vegas and Berlin versions of the conference covering the following:


  • NS0-155, NCDA 7-Mode
  • NS0-157, NCDA cDOT
  • NS0-505, NCIE-SAN E-Series
  • NS0-506, NCIE-SAN cDOT
  • NS0-511, NCIE-Data Protection

The beauty of Insight is that during the course of the conference, you can take as many exams for free as you’d like as long as it falls within their exam retake policy. And I strongly recommend you pre-register for up to three of your exams now here because if the exam centre is anything like years past, you should expect it to be very busy.


While we’re on the topic of certifications, NetApp is going to show the proverbial love to those of us who are already certified as well as to those who get certified while at Insight. I won’t give away all the details, but there will be different swag based on what certifications you’ve earned. NetAppU is also going to hold the first ever appreciation and recognition event for the NetApp Certified.


So, with all this talk about certifications, let’s talk about getting prepared for certification. The first thing you should do is follow @NetAppCertify on Twitter. Then join in the discussion over at the NetAppU Community and peruse the materials and sample exams available here. Sample exams are available for NS0-157, NS0-506, NS0-511, and the latest addition, NS0-180. If you already have your NAIPCDOT, you’ll need to earn the NCSIE cDOT by November 1, 2016, so I’m sure this will be a popular one. For the complete low-down on what NS0-180 might mean to you, check out this NetApp Community entry here. Lastly, be sure to check out The Value of NetApp Certification Video as well, especially since some of my friends are in it.




Finally, to further emphasize the value of NetApp Certifications, starting in October you’ll be able to add all new digital badges to your LinkedIn profile which will help job seekers and recruiters find each other.




This new Digital Badge helps protect the value of your certification as well as providing easy verification of your NetApp Certifications.


I wish you the best of luck with your exams, and make sure you stop by the Certified User Greet & Geek event hosted by NetAppU on Wednesday, October 14, at 5:15 in the Palm Foyer (level three). I’ll be there along with my fellow NetApp A-Team members, so join us for a beer or two and tell us about your certification experience.