NetApp FAS Storage and FlexPod Wins Windows IT Pro Awards

By Michael Harding and Calvin Nieh

If someone called FlexPod a star, we’d assume it was because of the recent #1 Worldwide Integrated Infrastructure ranking by IDC, or for the Best of TechEd win for the Microsoft Private Cloud solution, or just because of all the attention it’s getting after 3 successful years in the Converged Infrastructure business.  But it turns out the latest ‘star’ distinction is thanks to the readers of Windows IT Pro.

Today, the FlexPod Datacenter solution was given the Silver Award for Best Hardware Appliance and NetApp FAS Storage was given the Gold Award for Best Hardware Storage!

These Windows IT Pro Community Choice awards are especially well-received by the NetApp and FlexPod teams, as it’s the result of a reader-driven product-nomination process.  The Windows IT Pro     community first nominates, then votes for the best products of the year, and thus these wins reflect a widespread, organic interest in converged infrastructure offerings, FlexPod specifically, and NetApp FAS storage.

NetApp and FlexPod in the Microsoft Community

FlexPod has been part of  a strong contribution by NetApp and Cisco to the Microsoft market, with heavy investment in our integration with Microsoft technology, reflected in a number of related solutions and products such as the Microsoft Private Cloud, NetApp OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft, SnapManager for Hyper-V and the Data ONTAP Powershell Toolkit.  This work has been rewarded by this community and Microsoft, including the very flattering recognition of NetApp as Microsoft’s 2013 Server Platform Partner of the Year as well as Microsoft’s 2012 Private Cloud Partner of the Year.

Along with these accolades, is a growing list of customers who are seeing the benefits of Microsoft private cloud and virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V on FlexPod.  They include a range of companies, large and small, spanning the globe, such as: ActioNet, ING Direct, King County, and Toyota Tsucho.

Build your Microsoft Cloud on FlexPod

With new validated designs including one just published – FlexPod Datacenter for Microsoft Private Cloud – FlexPod makes ideal infrastructure for Microsoft environments.  FlexPod as the leading converged infrastructure lets you quickly and confidently deploy your shared IT platform.  And because it’s FlexPod, you’ll get the flexibility and efficiency that makes it easier to work with, and lower cost, than the alternatives.

Learn more about FlexPod and what makes it a star by visiting the FlexPod web page,