NetApp FAS2500 – Setting a New Standard for Value

By Ling Wang, Product Marketing Manager, Storage Platforms, NetApp

By now you've probably heard the big news – NetApp launched the new FAS2500 entry hybrid storage arrays that are future-proof and cloud-ready, delivering exceptional overall value for enterprises of all sizes.

Enterprises and organizations face lots of IT challenges nowadays. They are challenged more than ever by shrinking budgets, overextended staff, and the ever-changing demands, while trying to keep up with the explosive data growth and – most recently – cloud adoption. These challenges, coupled with the increasing complexity of Windows®, VMware®, or server virtualization environment, can make balancing performance, risks, agility and cost an overwhelming process.

Well, it doesn't have to be such a headache when you have the right product. Designed to support a variety of IT needs for longer, NetApp® FAS2500 hybrid storage arrays provide more value for your money and greater flexibility than any other systems in their class. FAS2500 simplifies the task of managing growth in house and in the cloud by providing support for a broader range of workloads along with seamless scaling of performance and capacity.

And with proven integration to the cloud, you can leverage external storage resources to protect data and handle dynamic storage needs. For growing organizations concerned about budgets today and meeting challenging IT needs in the future, the FAS2500 is the perfect choice.

With 3 times the memory, 5x the hybrid flash, and 2x the scaling than its predecessor – the FAS2200 series – and industry’s first UTA2 (Unified Target Adaptor) ports on an entry storage platform, the FAS2500 is ready to bring some serious value to the customers in this space.

Here are just a few things that FAS2500 can do to make your life easier if you are an IT manager:

Deliver more value and more flexibility for your IT investment

  • Unified platform makes IT more agile and serves more workloads than block-only products so you don’t have to buy new systems when workload changes

  • Best-in-class data management serves more business needs – even as you grow – so you don’t need to buy new software later

  • Enhanced hybrid arrays offer 48% more capacity, 46% more performance[1]

  • Expanded system capabilities increase system life, minimizing acquisition costs

Simplify operations and increase productivity

  • Easy to use GUIs reduce setup time to less than 10 minutes from uncrate to access

  • Automated tools eliminate redundant tasks with the click of a button, reducing complexity and time spent on management

  • Deep integration with business applications increases productivity by 2-3x

Minimize risks and disruption for growth

  • Simple scaling lets you start small and grow big while managing acquisition costs

  • Nondisruptive operation eliminates down time and data migration that interrupts your business processes

  • Data portability enables connection to the cloud, moving data in and out as needed 

As you can see, with the great flexibility  the FAS2500 provides, you can pretty much stop worrying about your future. You can add storage and more controller nodes as your needs grow, and without disruption. If you want to move certain services (such as backup and DR) to the cloud or implement services you couldn’t otherwise implement because of cost (e.g. buying colocation space and equipment), the FAS2500 can easily connect to a public cloud or a hyperscale cloud. As #1 in storage systems capacity shipped for public cloud infrastructure[2], NetApp has more than 275 service provider partners worldwide, which means you have more choices to select from and prevent vendor lock-in.

More value for your investment, greater flexibility to meet today and tomorrow’s business needs, scaling without disruption, and easy connection to the cloud; that means lower acquisition and operational cost, less risk and lots of room for capacity and performance growth. All of a sudden, your IT challenges become much more manageable!

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[1] Source: ESG lab validation report “NetApp Entry-level FAS Platform with Flash Pool”, June 2014.

[2] Source: IDC Storage Users Demand Study 2013 – Spring Edition, IDC #244209, November 2013.