NetApp FAS6240 Clustered SAN Champion of Champions

Note, NetApp’s FAS6240 Clustered SAN SPC-1 performance is fully documented in our submission report found online. I also blogged about it here last year.


This blog summarizes Silverton Consulting’s recent white paper comparing NetApp vs. other vendors in the Enterprise OLTP ChampionsChart™


Figure 1  Silverton Consulting’s Enterprise OLTP ChampionsChart™


In Figure 1 above, the 2nd generation of Silverton Consulting, Inc (SCI’s) OLTP ChampionsChart™ for Enterprise Storage portrays normalized I/O performance.  In viewing this chart as one moves higher up the vertical axis, systems exhibit better IOPS performance than expected given the system configuration under test.  Similarly, as one moves further to the right in the above chart, systems exhibit relatively better response time than expected.


All of SCI’s ChampionsCharts are divided into four quadrants:

  • Champions quadrant – systems found here exhibited the best normalized IOPS and relative response time.
  • Sprinters quadrant – systems found here displayed good relative response time but relatively poor normalized IOPS performance.
  • Marathoners quadrant – systems found here resulted in the good normalized IOPS but poor relative response time
  • Slowpokes quadrant – systems found here manifested the worst normalized IOPS and relative response times.


As noted in Figure 1, the NetApp FAS6240 Clustered SAN storage is SCI’s Enterprise OLTP Champion of Champions for 1Q-2013 or the best performer in combined normalized IOPS and relative response time for the 25 enterprise class storage systems in current SPC-1 results.


According to SCI, NetApp’s Champion showing indicates that its storage would perform on average better than other storage systems when configured with equivalent hardware.  The other systems in the Champions quadrant did not do as well as NetApp’s FAS6240 Clustered SAN. 


Mike McNamara