NetApp Multi-protocol Storage Evaluation - Demartek Digs Deep

Network convergence has rapidly shifted over the last couple of years from a future possibility to today's opportunity. NetApp continues to expand it's ecosystem of technology partners supporting FCoE and converged network technologies in an effort to simplify deployment while increasing options. In an effort to demonstrate the viability of converged networks and the performance of FCoE with mixed traffic over a shared 10GbE network, NetApp commissioned Demartek Labs to put one of our Unified Storage systems through the ringer. Demartek has recently released a new lab report evaluating the NetApp FAS3240 supporting both converged 10GbE data traffic and 8Gb Fibre Channel traffic. Demartek demonstrated that the FAS3240 can support line rate 10GbE mixed traffic (the test included FCoE, iSCSI, and NFS traffic) along with concurrent line rate traffic over an 8Gb Fibre Channel port. Solutions like the FAS3240 are great options for companies looking to consolidate equipment and converging networks in order to simplify IT operations and reduce cost.

You can find the full report on the Demartek website: Demartek Lab Report - NetApp Multi-protocol Storage Evaluation.

UPDATE: Fixed link to report.