NetApp - NAS Market Leader in Latest IT Brand Pulse Survey

Under the wrong circumstances, tooting your own horn can be really obnoxious. Let me turn the clock back to show you this brilliant Expedia commercial from 2007.



Being braggadocios may be considered a social faux pas, but simply highlighting praise from a third party in recognition of your company’s success is just good marketing.


Two weeks ago, we highlighted on SANbytes that DCIG awarded NetApp the top four spots in their midrange unified storage buyers guide. This is the first time DCIG has awarded the top four spots in this guide to any vendor. That’s spelled A-N-Y. NetApp first introduced the market to the concept of unified storage in 2002 with the addition of iSCSI protocol support, enhancing the capabilities of our leading NAS storage systems. We enhanced our unified storage systems with the addition of Fibre Channel protocol support in 2006. In 2009 we were the first storage vendor to introduce FCoE protocol support with Unified Connect. It is quite an honor to be recognized for our advances in unified storage.


But, wait. There’s more. This week, IT Brand Pulse announced that one vendor has been recognized as the Market Leader for Network Attached Storage for the third year in a row. And to which company was this award given? This company. And we were also recognized as the leader for reliability, price, performance and innovation.


Our 20 years of storage innovation has resulted in many awards and high recognition. We are honored. For 2012, we have now been recognized by IDC as offering the #1 branded storage operating system, by a large margin. This recognition attests to the fact that a unified storage platform delivers the value required in today's agile data centers. 


As nice as external recognition may be, the best measure of success can be found in the success of our customers. Check out how Revlon is reinventing the cosmetic industry with IT and help from NetApp.