NetApp Offers Complimentary Heterogeneous Infrastructure Assessment

According to IDC, 50%+ annual worldwide data growth is predicted through at least 2014.1  With explosive data growth and flat or declining IT budgets, IT’s  ability to monitor, manage, and forecast storage needs has become more critical than ever before.   Many storage owners struggle to manage growth with the resources they have and need to “do more with less.”

· Are you able to quickly identify vulnerabilities in the storage environment?

· Do you know if you have orphaned storage?

· How are you reporting consumption costs?

· Do you know your infrastructure’s capacity?

· Are your current storage devices fully utilized?

NetApp can help.


Through our Assessment, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance, configuration and capacity of your entire heterogeneous storage infrastructure.  We’ll help you understand where you can gain storage efficiency, find unused storage capacity and, know what’s required to manage future growth.


How we do it

The Assessment is performed remotely and is available to NetApp customers and prospects worldwide.  It’s performed by a dedicated remote team that has performed more than 550 Assessments over the last few years.  They are experienced storage professionals and former IT specialists that know storage theory and practice inside and out.


What’s the process?

The process is quick and easy.  Powered by NetApp’s industry-leading OnCommand Insight software, installation is secure, agentless and out of band.  You only have to invest about four hours of one administrator’s time to work with the remote team on installation and you’ll have actionable recommendations in about two weeks.


Why NetApp?

NetApp’s Storage Infrastructure Assessment Service is differentiated in a number of ways:

     Powered by award-winning, industry-leading, enterprise class products, not scripts and proprietary tools

     Performed remotely and securely to minimize time and effort on your part

     Complimentary service means no cost to you!


Not Convinced Yet?

Let’s review how a Health Support Services organization benefited from an Assessment of their Storage Capacity.  The Capacity Analysis Assessment provides:

¡ 100% Inventory Evaluation:  Report on storage inventory, capacities and utilization, and FC switch inventory and port allocation

¡ Utilization Report:  Identify reclaimable orphaned storage and misconfigurations in environment (e.g. mapping, masking, zoning)

¡ Potential Savings:  Provide potential capacity savings leveraging storage efficiencies


This customer lacked visibility into their heterogeneous storage environment.  They didn’t have the tools or data readily available.  This can be typical with large storage environments, especially if they experience a merger or acquisition, or if there was a reduction in staff.  Some may also have out of date spreadsheets which aren’t an accurate representation of their current environment.  With no visibility into the storage environment, there’s no way to determine how much how much storage is left and when you’ll run out.  The capacity analysis finds unused storage, which may include unallocated/uncarved disks that aren’t in storage pools/RAID groups, unused capacity in storage pools/RAID groups, unused volumes (volumes that aren’t masked to hosts). 


This customer needed a holistic view of the environment and they needed it fast.   What the Assessment revealed in one week of work was that they had 2.5 PB across 3 data centers of IBM, HP, LSI, and NetApp storage.  The assessment team showed three main areas of potential improvement:

¡ Reclaimable orphaned and unused storage

¡ Higher utilization of port allocation, datastores and storage arrays

¡ Cleaning up zoning name conventions on switches


Leveraging the results of the assessment, the customer was able to reclaim storage and purchase less than they originally thought resulting in reduced costs.


Request Your Assessment Today!

This Assessment is ideal for large enterprise multi-vendor storage environments.  ​If you have four hours and want to know how to make your storage infrastructure more efficient, request your Complimentary Heterogeneous Infrastructure Assessment today.  Contact your NetApp Account team or NetApp authorized reseller to get started!


1.       IDC, “Worldwide IT Spending 2010-2014 Forecast,” May 2010