NetApp Releases OnCommand Insight 7.0

By Brian Mitchell, Avnet


This post was originally published on Geek ONTAP.


Earlier this week, NetApp  officially launched OnCommand Insight 7.0, its multivendor storage resource management software that forecasts capacity trends, performs cost reporting, and plans complex changes. With this new release, NetApp has retooled several of its major components to improve usability, scalability, and interoperability. Enhancements to version 7 include:




  • All new graphical user interface (GUI) based on HTML 5
  • Interface optimized for both tablets and laptops
  • New landing pages make it quicker and easier to analyze performance issues
  • New custom vendor-centric reports for NetApp, HDS, IBM XIV, and EMC
  • Simplified product administration to reduce time spent maintaining the product



  • Includes Apache Cassandra (NoSQL) technology to increase scale of performance management
  • Performance support has increased 300% over version 6.4
  • Configuration support has increased 66% over version 6.4



  • Extended multi-vendor support adding IBM XIV array performance as well as sub-LUN tiering support for HDS HDT, IBM SVC, and HP 3PAR


The primarily Java-based architecture of OnCommand Insight 7.0 is largely an evolution from previous versions of Insight.



Its major components include:


OnCommand Insight Server

The “brains” of the software is the OnCommand Insight Server, which includes a data repository that is constantly building and analyzing an end-to-end topology of the environment. When there is a violation or vulnerability detected, it generates alerts.



OnCommand Insight also includes a collection engine, which is built by “Acquisition Units” -- services that access different devices (“data sources”) and collect data from the storage, network, hosts, etc. Then, this data is delivered to the Insight Server for analysis in various formats (JSON, XML, or native Java collections).


Web User Interface

New within version 7.0 is the user interface that leverages HTML 5; this web-based interface allows administrators to set up monitoring, review assets, and troubleshoot problems within the environment.

Java User Interface

As with previous versions, this updated Java 7 client remains a fixture for defining policies, thresholds, etc. Future releases of OnCommand Insight will transition this functionality to the new HTML 5 web-based interface


Data Warehouse (DWH) and IBM Cognos

As part of OnCommand Insight’s reporting features, the Data Warehouse and IBM Cognos allow customers to run queries on data to enable the creation of enterprise-level reports across multiple installations of Insight 7.0.


NetApp OnCommand Insight 7.0 is now available for download from the NetApp Support Site for customers with OnCommand Insight software entitlements.