NetApp Releases SANtricity Web Services Proxy 1.2

The NetApp SANtricity Web Services Proxy provides Web APIs to configure, manage, and monitor E-Series and EF-Series storage arrays. The proxy provides access to a collection of REST (REpresentational State Transfer) style interfaces to access services defined for storage arrays. The proxy can be installed on Windows or Linux systems.

Today, NetApp released version 1.2 of SANtricity Web Services Proxy. This release includes REST API’s to perform CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE (CRUD) operations on various storage component resources. For a complete list of all REST endpoints resources and URIs, see the API documentation available as part of the Web Services Proxy installation bundle. It provides Swagger-enabled interactive API documentation, which allows the user to run the APIs from within documentation pages.


Web Services Proxy


These APIs use standard OAuth and OData, making them easy to use in any development environment and from any platform.

The 1.2 release includes several enhancements to the existing REST endpoints to expose finer configuration options. The APIs will now allow viewing of SSD Read Cache information, ability to perform online Volume Copy, capability to perform manual drive selection for Volume Group creations, and the ability to view repository utilization for Snapshot Groups, Snapshot Views, Asynchronous Mirrors, and Legacy-Snapshots. Apart from the enhancement to REST APIs, this release adds the following new features to improve the serviceability of the API platform.

Connect to NetApp Auto Support: Customers and users can now configure the Web Services Proxy to send logs and other pertinent data to Net App Auto Support for analytics and troubleshooting.

Software Auto Updates: Customers and users can now opt to receive software updates for Web Services Proxy which can be staged or applied immediately.

The Web Services Proxy is available at no charge for download on the NetApp Support Site.


Download the following assets for more information: