NetApp SANtricity Plug-in 3.0 Eases Storage Management with VMware vCenter

Today, NetApp released version 3.0 of the SANtricity Plug-in for VMware vCenter. The new version provides integrated management of NetApp E-series storage arrays from within the vSphere Web Client. The vSphere Web Client is a single management interface that you can use to manage the VMware infrastructure and all of your day-to-day E-Series storage needs. You do not need to learn another management tool, so you can focus instead on the entire virtual infrastructure.


SANtricity Plug-In 3.0

The NetApp Plug-in enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure ESX and ESXi hosts to NetApp E-Series storage arrays.
  • Create and delete volumes.
  • Map volumes from the NetApp E-Series storage arrays to the ESX host.
  • View the mapping of vCenter datastores to NetApp E-Series volumes.

You can create hardware snapshots, volume copies, and synchronous mirroring when these premium features are enabled on the storage array. The NetApp Plug-in uses an application server to facilitate the interface between the vSphere Web Client and the NetApp E-Series storage based on the authenticated logged-in user and the privileges assigned to that user's role. 

New In This Release

  • vSphere Web Client Support: Customers who have moved to VMware’s Web Client will now be able to easily manage their E-Series storage from the new client.
  • Connect to NetApp AutoSupport: Customers can now configure the plug-in to send logs and other pertinent data to AutoSupport for analytics and troubleshooting.

The plug-in is available at no charge for download on the NetApp Support Site.