NetApp Storage Portfolio – Robust and Designed to Kick {insert your preferred target}

NetApp offers a comprehensive portfolio of unified and SAN optimized storage systems including the E-Series storage family, the EF-Series all flash arrays, and the FAS hybrid and unified storage family. Last November, NetApp refreshed its E-Series and all flash EF-Series SAN storage product lines with the introduction of the entry E2700 and midrange E5500 storage systems, and the EF550 all flash array. The E-Series and EF-Series models offer enterprise reliability, class leading performance in a dense package with support for FC, iSCSI, SAS, and Infiniband host connectivity.


NetApp E5500


Yesterday’s announcement marked the completion of the latest refresh of NetApp’s FAS hybrid storage product which began earlier this calendar year. In February, NetApp introduced the FAS8020, FAS8040, and FAS8060, replacing the midrange FAS3200 product family and a portion of the high end FAS6200. With this latest announcement, the new FAS2500 refreshes the entry product family and the FAS8080 EX replaces the FAS6290 flagship product. I’ll let you read up on the specs for the FAS2500 and FAS8000 products separately. However, I will point out a couple of specific areas of interest.


These new hardware platforms are optimized to deliver the value of clustered Data ONTAP. You’ll first notice that we have rationalized the product line from 13 models down to 7. Since, clustered Data ONTAP offers the flexibility to scale-up and scale-out, fewer scale-up hardware models are required to address customer price, performance, and capacity requirements. The result is a more streamlined product line with greater flexibility and overall value. As part of the platform rationalization, a new FlexArray software license that enables virtualization of third party arrays from EMC, IBM, and HP is available with the FAS8000 product line to offer the functionality of the outgoing V-Series product.

The new FAS systems offer more CPU cores, more memory, more I/O connectivity, and more Flash capacity than previous generation models. Additionally, our unified target adapter 2 ports and I/O adapters offer first to market field configurable support for either 16Gb Fibre Channel or 10Gb Ethernet host connectivity including support for FCoE. NetApp is the only vendor to support concurrent I/O for FCoE, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS/SMB 3.0 over shared storage ports. This capability improves storage and network efficiency to reduce cabling requirements and improve I/O path management.  Unique for the entry product line, the FAS2520 system offers 10GBaseT ports for more cost effective high speed Ethernet networks.


All Flash configurations are also available with each of our new FAS systems for increased efficiency and performance, delivering up to 4 million max IOPs and 5PB of Flash storage capacity per scale-out cluster.


NetApp’s new lineup of storage systems are in a word, Awesome. But, don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few other articles from tech journalists with their perspectives on this latest announcement.


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