NetApp + VMware = Flexibility, Speed and Security

Guest post by Blair Semple, CISSP-ISSEP, Director, Business Development, SafeNet


Next week, we are heading to San Francisco for the largest virtualization conference of the year: VMworld. As you probably know, NetApp and VMware have a solid partnership, creating unified storage + virtualized datacenters. You can instantly backup and recover your virtual data, automate processes, provision storage and servers together, and easily scale to meet your current business needs. For the same amount of data, you get the flexibility of virtualization with the stability of storage.


While virtualization is flexible, there are challenges. VMs are easy to copy and move; however, adding VMs means adding VM admins – another group with unlimited access to your data. And, because they are not hardware, providing compliance when handling sensitive data like credit cards, health records, or other personal information can be difficult.


The good news is that NetApp and VMware both partner with SafeNet to help ensure that sensitive data is secure. SafeNet solutions provide some of the industry’s best appliance-based encryption and virtual instance protection. Encrypting your data not only protects it from attackers, but also allows separation of duties within your virtual datacenter so that VM or storage admins can manage technical aspects of the datacenter, without seeing all the data. And you can centrally store and manage all encryption keys in a high-assurance, hardware appliance.


Visit NetApp and SafeNet at VMworld to learn more about securing your data in storage and virtual datacenters. At the SafeNet booth, #2028, you can see live demos of solutions specifically formulated for NetApp storage and VMware virtualization, and decide for yourself which solution will best secure your sensitive data. Not going to the show? Test SafeNet’s VMware encryption solution, ProtectV, free for 30 days.



SafeNet at VMworld

Storage Encryption: NetApp SafeNet StorageSecure

Central Key Management: SafeNet KeySecure

VM & cloud encryption: ProtectV