NetApp Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Help Boost Competitive Edge, Support 1M Visitors Annually, and Run a City

By Pamela Kerman, Senior Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Portfolio Marketing Manager

I am preparing for my first born to enter grad school in a foreign country. For those of you who have ever lived abroad or worked abroad , you know how complicated this can be.  First of all, it is costly to pay for tuition, international flights, and living expenses. Second of all, it’s a complex venture.  There are so many things to think about – getting a student visa, finding a place to live, opening up a bank account, exchanging currency, and general  foreign bureaucracies. There are repeated inefficiencies when it comes to dealing with time differences, making it difficult to get a “live” person on the phone to answer our countless questions. When we do reach someone, the language barriers make communication frustrating.

These challenges aren’t so different from what you as a customer face in the technology industry.  There are high costs associated with purchasing technology, and then additional costs for maintaining that technology.  Complexity arises when you mix and match disparate computing, networking and storage components from multiple vendors in your data center.  Finally, you experience great inefficiencies in terms of space, time and general resources.  When it comes to the public sector, that list of challenges grows considerably due to the number of statutory, regulatory, and compliance mandates to which your organization must adhere.  I should also mention that security issues and challenges with managing vast amounts of data are part of this list. 

NetApp helps you address these challenges head on with a selection of virtualization and cloud solutions that are efficient, scalable, and agile to accelerate business response.  Read how NetApp helped three of our public sector customers respond to these challenging questions: How can my institution maintain a competitive edge? How  can my organization continue to attract and retain students?  How do we provide science education for over 1 million students a year?  How do I achieve growth and sustainability for my city’s infrastructure?
University of Tennessee Knoxville Boosts Competitive Edge with Citrix Virtualization on FlexPod
One of the oldest universities in the U.S., the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville, attracts 28,000 students per year who need anywhere, anytime access to university resources.  The university had the challenge of paring down budgets, while enhancing technology to accommodate everything for the latest technologies – cloud-based computing, high quality streaming video, high-end research software and more. In addition to student requirements, the teaching staff also needed access to these resources. “Our executives loved the simplicity and power of the integrated stack in FlexPod. And for IT, the prevalidated architecture with prescriptive sizing and design guides reduced our risk.” Wojciech Biernacki, IT Systems Administrator

University of Tennessee Knoxville Boosts Competitive Edge with Citrix Virtualization on FlexPod

Science Museum of Minnesota Achieves 80% Reduction in Storage Requirements to Support 1M Visitors Annually
The Science Museum of Minnesota leveraged the expertise from Northland Systems to deploy and configure the new solution. VMware vSphere built on FlexPod delivers virtualized mission-critical applications for the museum, including the Tessitura CRM system, to accommodate over 1 million visitors per year.   “The single, unified architecture of VMware vSphere built on FlexPod has eliminated our previous storage management, performance, and scalability challenges. We’re almost 100% virtualized now, which simplifies management while acquisition and operational cost savings continue to grow.” -- Joel Miles, Director of IT, Science Museum of Minnesota
Science Museum of Minnesota
Melrose reduces costs by 40% annually
Melrose, a small city near Boston made a creative investment in a re-imaged information infrastructure for a cloud environment based enabled by a FlexPod deployment.  The deployment not only improved services and cut IT costs by a third, but it also supported 18 sites with regionalized services to more than 300 municipalities.  According to Jorge Pazos, CIO of the City of Melrose, “This will enable us to speed the delivery of IT services, generate new revenue streams, and reinvest profit in programs for the citizens of Massachusetts.”

City of Melrose

This is the first of a series of four industry blogs that will be written on how NetApp virtualization and cloud solutions address customer challenges for a specific industry. 

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