NetApp’s Super Power? OnCommand Workflow Automation


Kevin Hill recently participated in a PowerScripting Podcast where he discussed OnCommand Workflow Automation. Kevin is a NetApp solutions architect and Workflow Automation expert, and part of the OnCommand Management team.


Kevin described OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) as an engine for automation and integration, with role-based access control for distributed management. We’re seeing a number of customers using Workflow Automation to spin up desktop virtualization and in multi-tenant cloud environments. When asked why WFA leverages PowerShell, Kevin replied “because it is so prevalent. It makes it easy to leverage for our own integration and integration for 3rd party products.”


Workflow Automation is a three year old product, and the current version is 2.0.1, with an upcoming release of version 2.1 planned for later this summer! Version 2.1 will include creating new clustered ONTAP constructs. Kevin states that “the goals for the 2.x series are to improve experience for users, and integrate more with our own product offerings, such as the OnCommand portfolio with OnCommand Unified Manager.”


Concluding the podcast, Kevin was asked what super power he would choose if he had the chance. Kevin responded with super speed like the Flash, because he wants to do things better and quicker. For customers who want better and quicker like Kevin, Workflow Automation is the product for you. Workflow Automation is a no cost item, with no license required. Downloading is easily accessed from, and the installation comes with sample workflows to get you started. Additional workflows and assistance can be found in the OnCommand Workflow Automation space, on our community site,


Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to go to the PowerScripting Podcast site and then on the ‘listen’ link. Kevin is introduced about 15 minutes in.