New 1.2TB HDD Expands Options for Transactional Workloads and Virtual Storage Tier Deployments

By Philip Trautman, NetApp Technical Consultant


On May 13th, NetApp released the latest addition to its disk drive portfolio. Our new 1.2TB, 10K RPM, disk drive expands the range of small-form-factor (SFF) hard disk drives available from NetApp.


The major HDD suppliers have signaled that 3.5”, 15K RPM large-form-factor (LFF) drives will be going out of production in the near future. NetApp moved quickly to introduce the SFF DS2246 disk shelf in preparation for this transition. With the 1.2TB drive introduction, you can double your capacity per drive or increase the capacity per unit of rack space by 4X versus available LFF, 15K drives.


The new drive has a similar cost per gigabyte and performance profile to the other 10K RPM, SFF drives we offer. SFF hard disks like the 1.2TB drive have proven to be a popular choice for those with transaction-oriented workloads like OLTP and can be deployed by themselves or in combination with Virtual Storage Tier options like Flash Pool or Flash Cache.



Deploying storage is no longer just about getting enough spindles to support your workload; increasingly it’s about pairing the right capacity drives with the right flash options. The combination of HDD and flash really changes the calculus of storage deployment, and is one of the key reasons for offering an expanded range of capacities/larger capacities in our performance-oriented HDDs.


Deploying HDDs with SSDs: Flash Pool

Flash Pool has become a very popular option since it was introduced last year. The new 1.2TB disk drive is supported in shelf-to-shelf Flash Pool configurations that combine SSDs from one shelf with HDDs in other shelves into a single aggregate in which the SSDs cache random read and write traffic. As the following figure illustrates, Flash Pool in combination with SFF disks like the new 1.2TB drive can significantly cut your costs— while increasing throughput and decreasing response time—in situations where you’ve overprovisioned disks to meet performance requirements.



Deploying HDDs with Controller Cache: Flash Cache

Flash Cache is another great option with the new 1.2TB drive. You can add Flash Cache to any FAS/V32xx or FAS/V62xx controller to accelerate HDD performance. The following example shows the effect of Flash Cache on a spindle-limited OLTP workload. (Flash Pool would have a similar effect.)



Ready for the DS2246 Disk Shelf, FAS2240-2 to Come

The new 1.2TB drive is designed for the DS2246 disk shelf and increases the maximum raw capacity of the shelf by 33% to over 28TB. The NetApp DS2246 is our performance-optimized disk shelf that packs 24 SFF drives in only 2U of rack space. Relative to our DS4243 and DS4246 shelves, the DS2246 doubles the storage density, increases performance density (IOPS per rack unit) by 60%, and reduces power consumption by 30% to 50%. It can be deployed with HDDs, SSDs, or a combination.


The new 1.2TB drive will also be supported in the internal drive slots of the FAS2240-2 in August 2013. See the FAS2200 page for more information on FAS2200 media options.


To find out more about all your media options, go to the NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media page. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.