New 6TB Drives Increase FAS Storage Density and Capacity

By Frank Lung, Product Manager, and Philip Trautman, FAS Product Marketing, NetApp

bike360.pngNetApp is continuing to push the pace of new drive introductions to bring you the latest and best options to satisfy your storage needs. Our drive portfolio includes a full range of capacity- and performance-oriented hard disk drives (HDDs) and a wide selection of solid-state drives (SSDs).

This week, NetApp released a new 7.2K RPM high-capacity 6TB HDD that pushes the capacity of FAS systems into the stratosphere.

The drives are intended for use with FAS storage systems to address high-capacity storage needs for production workloads.

They can be deployed by themselves or in Flash Pool configurations that combine HDDs and SSDs to deliver both capacity and performance.

Increased Density and Capacity

The new 6TB HDD increases the storage density and capacity of FAS8000 systems by 50%. The maximum capacity of the flagship FAS8080 EX now exceeds 8PB for a single HA pair, and over 100PB in full, scale-out configurations. That’s a tremendous amount of storage by any measure.

The FAS2500 series gets a similar capacity and density boost. The FAS2520 now supports up to 72TB of raw capacity internally, 504TB with external DS4246 shelves, and 1PB in scale-out configurations. The FAS2554 supports up to 144TB of raw capacity internally, 864TB with external shelves, and 3.5PB in full scale-out. That’s a lot of storage for an entry platform.

Maximum Raw Capacity with 6TB HDDs

FAS Platform


Per HA Pair







28TB (no change)



















FAS8080 EX




*Maximum scale-out configuration is 4 nodes for FAS2520, 8 nodes for FAS255x, and 24 nodes for all FAS8000 platforms.star360.png

Flash Pool

NetApp Flash Pool technology combines the capacity and low cost of HDDs with the low latency and performance of SSDs in a single NetApp aggregate. (Aggregates are pools of RAID-protected drives.) The great thing about Flash Pool is it can actually lower your overall storage costs, while increasing capacity and improving performance.

The new 6TB drive delivers greater density and capacity for flash pool configurations. We’re offering mixed DS4246 shelves that combine the 6TB drive with 400GB SSDs. The 6TB drive in the DS4246 is also supported in shelf-to-shelf configurations in which you combine 6TB drives in one or multiple shelves with SSDs from other shelves to create a Flash Pool. This gives you great flexibility to choose the optimal SSD capacity point—200GB, 400GB, 800GB and 1.6TB options are available—to fine tune performance.

Support Details

The new 6TB HDD is supported in the 4U, 24-drive DS4246 drive shelf attached to FAS2500 and FAS8000 systems as well as existing FAS2200, FAS3200, and FAS6200 platforms. It can also be deployed in internal disk slots of the FAS2220, FAS2240-4, FAS2520, and FAS2554. Data ONTAP 8.2.2 or later is required. We expect to release a 6TB drive for the 48-disk DS4486 shelf in December.

For more details on all supported platforms, see the NetApp Hardware Universe (requires full access to the NetApp support site).

Learn More

To find out more about NetApp shelves and media for FAS storage systems, go to the NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media page. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.

NetApp also just introduced a new self-encrypting 800GB SSD. Look for more details in a blog post next week!