New 800GB NSE SSD Expands FAS Security Options

By Frank Lung, Product Manager, and Philip Trautman, FAS Product Marketing, NetApp

box_360.pngNetApp is continuing to push the pace of new drive introductions to bring you the latest and best options to satisfy your storage needs. To help address evolving security requirements, our drive portfolio includes a selection of self-encrypting capacity- and performance-oriented hard disk drives (HDDs) for use with NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) on FAS storage systems.

NetApp recently released a new self-encrypting 800GB SSD. This new SSD rounds out our NSE portfolio and expands our data at rest security offerings. You can now deploy all-flash FAS configurations and Flash Pools with full data-at-rest disk encryption.

NetApp takes the security of our products and our customer’s infrastructure very seriously. Our approach includes securing the management, control and data planes; securing data at rest and in motion; industry alliances; and secure development activities. This new drive complements our multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to security.

Understanding NetApp Storage Encryption

NSE is the NetApp implementation of full-disk encryption (FDE) using self-encrypting drives (SEDs). Because encryption and decryption take place on the drive itself (after data is written or before it is read), NSE operates seamlessly with Data ONTAP® features such as deduplication and compression. It’s an easy way to be sure that data at rest is protected while maximizing the storage efficiency and ROI of your NetApp storage.

As you might expect, this technology is front and center for government, healthcare, and financial organizations. All NSE drives are compliant with National Institute of Standards and Technology FIPS standards, preventing unauthorized access to encrypted data at rest. It is impossible for someone to remove a drive or shelf of drives and mount and access them elsewhere. This also prevents unauthorized access when drives are returned to the manufacturer, and simplifies disposal.

NSE supports the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP). NetApp has partnered with SafeNet for key management for NSE. The SafeNet KeySecure Key Manager is available direct from NetApp and from our partners. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager and Vormetric Data Security Manager are key managers that are also supported with NSE. These are available through NetApp partners.

star360_2.pngEncrypted All-flash FAS Configurations

With the release this year of the FAS8000—including the recently announced FAS8080 EX—all-flash FAS configurations have become extremely popular. All-flash FAS stacks up well to the competition in terms of performance and storage efficiency. When you factor in the proven availability of FAS hardware plus the ecosystem of data management features supported by Data ONTAP®—it's a combination that's hard to beat. All-flash FAS was recognized as the Innovation Leader for All-Flash NAS at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit.

Combining the new 800GB NSE SSD with all-flash FAS makes a good thing even better, providing data-at-rest security, consistent low latency, and high IOPS for critical data sets.

Fully Encrypted Flash Pools

NetApp Flash Pool combines the capacity and low cost of HDDs with the low latency and performance of SSDs to create high-performance hybrid storage. Flash Pool can actually lower your overall storage costs, while increasing capacity and improving performance.

The release of the 800GB NSE SSD makes possible fully encrypted Flash Pools that combine the new NSE SSD with either of the NSE HDDs from our portfolio (we offer both a 900GB performance disk and a 4TB high capacity NSE disk). Performance, capacity, and security is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Support Details

The new 800GB NSE SSD is supported in the 2U, 24-drive DS2246 drive shelf, which can be attached to FAS2500 and FAS8000 systems. It can also be deployed in internal drive slots of the FAS2552. Data ONTAP 8.2.2 or later is required. For more details on all supported platforms, see the NetApp Hardware Universe (requires full access to the NetApp support site).

Learn More

To find out more about NetApp shelves and media for FAS storage systems, go to the NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media page. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.

In case you missed, the news, NetApp also recently released a new 6TB high-capacity disk drive that increases both the storage density and overall capacity of FAS systems. You can read all about it in this recent blog post.